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July 19, 2012
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My friends can tell you that I’m a major drugstore junkie. I don’t know how it began.. and I couldn’t tell you why – but I do know that it’s become pretty handy to know the “go-to” stuff around the isles. I find that I sometimes get myself into predicaments (more often than not) where I’ll leave my make-up bag at home on unexpected and important days. Not like weddings or special occasions. More like after work networking events, happy hour and the like. Things I probably wouldn’t remember until I got to work and saw it lying there on my calendar written in multi-colored sharpie. Anyways, who has the extra cash to haul themselves to Sephora and buy brand name stuff on a whim? Certainly not me and certainly not in the time crunch I usually find myself in. Long story short (is it EVER a short story): Drug Store Make-up. Not only are some of these items on my daily “go-to” list, I find that they’re extremely cheap and worth having around as back-ups when the good stuff goes missing (or is left at home). I’ve marked up my top 12 must-haves, drug store edition. Enjoy!

Revlon: Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
This has somewhat of a minty feel to it, but the color is great! It’s super soft chapstick that meets toned-down pigment. Love!



Physicians Formula: Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush
Call me a liar, but this stuff has some serious placebo in it. I think it’s the cuteness of the hearts and shimmer that does it for me. It’s not too much shimmer, so that you don’t look like a disco ball – but just enough.



Rimmel London: Natural Bronzer
This has a very good sheerness to it. Lightly pigmented and won’t rub off on your blouse!



E.L.F. Studio: Cream Eyeshadow
While you might only find this at Target or online, I find that this cream shadown works wonders for only being 3 bucks! I’ll sometimes use it as a base for the higher pigmented shadows – makes them really pop off the lid.



Rimmel London: Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer
I’ve been using this stuff for sometime now. I find it’s one of the only liners that won’t wear away or smear by 5:00pm. Comes with a small smudger stick at the bottom – which is GREAT for happy hour!



COVERGIRL: LipPerfection™ Lipcolor
Aside from my NARS’ Schiap lipstick, I swear by this stuff. It’s got pigment and a softness that you just wouldn’t believe. I carry one in my purse and one at work for emergencies! This gets my daily-dose stamp of approval. My daily color is in “Spellbound” – You’re welcome.

L’Oreal Paris: Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara
Another one that has my “daily-dose” stamp of approval is this gem right here. Something about the double duty wands that make my lashes stand at attention. If you’re not washing your face everynight (shame shame), then this may not be a good choice for you. You’ll need the water to soak off the mascara and you’ll notice it comes off like little specs of dirt. Very easy to use and can be played up from day-to-night.



Wet n Wild: Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner
Colored liner for 3 bucks? Do it.



Revlon: PhotoReady™ Liquid Foundation • SPF 15
I’ve been staying into the swing of my SPF. As we age, it’s one of the most important things we can do to keep our skin from aging/sunspots. This photoready foundation is great for going out or special events (when you forget the good stuff at home). It still has some SPF, but has total coverage for when you need it. Be careful not to pile this on.. no one likes a cake face. :(

Neutrogena: Healthy Skin Compact Makeup • SPF 55
Another one that I’ve found really helpful is the SPF 55 Healthy Skin Compact. It’s very soft and not as heavy as the PhotoReady. This one is more for daily use, not so much full-coverage.



E.L.F. Studio: Make-up Brushes
I made the mistake of ordering my brushes online once and was brushless for WEEKS. I snagged these at Target and really love them! The blush brush and powder brush are my faves!



COVERGIRL: Outlast Lipstain
This one has yet to steer me wrong. People always tell me “But Neutrogena’s Lip Stain comes with a balm stick at the bottom” – right. But if we’re talking about a lipstain – and just a stain – then this is the one you need!



L’Oreal: Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner
Last but not least, liquid eyeliner! Think of this one like a skinny felt tip marker. Very easy to apply and lasts a good while. Like any liquid liner, you’ll want to be careful around the lashes and double up at the corners.



Well, that about covers it! be sure to leave your “go-tos” in the comments section so we can share. Happy drug store shopping!

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