Thing of the Week: Blazers on Gilt

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So this week we’ll be combining “TOTW” with “Gilty Pleasure.”  This week we’ll be focusing on blazers, and it just so happens that Gilt is having an extravaganza right now and is offering a bevy of blazers!

Blazers are a staple in any fashion tweekers wardrobe. There’s many ways that a Blazer can be dressed up or dressed down, and it also adds another layer to your outfit, because we all know that when that withdrawal happens, it send all kinds of chills down our spines.

Here’s a couple of blazers that caught my eye.

1) Paul & Joe Homme. $499

This fitted two button black blazer can be considered the most essential of all. It’s classic look  accompanied with it’s modern fit are the perfect mix for any gentleman’s wardrobe.

2) John Varvatos. $649

I live for this style of blazer. It’s perfect to wear during the day and pair with a chic set of boots.

3) Hickey Velvet Blazer. $349

Anyone who is ANYONE knows that a velvet blazer is everything. The texture adds something different to the touch than say any other peasant of a blazer.

4)Jack Spade. $199

While it may look like a grandfathers sports coat lets not be quick to judge. This blazer is quite classic in it’s simplicity and if you’re like me then  a classic look is what you should strive for.

5) Tommy Hilfiger Suiting. $149

Okay so I absolutely live live live for this blazer. The tweed! The tweed! Oh how I live for the tweed. Takes me back to the Brady Bunch days when Greg and Marcia and Cindy and Peter were all like my friends. Oh how I miss Alice. Sigh.


Now some tips and suggestions on how to wear your blazers/jackets. I absolutely live to wear turtle necks under a blazer. There’s something just so vintage Hollywood about wearing a turtle neck under a jacket.

If you’re not so crazy about the turtle neck, go with a simple graphic tee underneath. Remember to keep it all about the simplicity so don’t go crazy w/the grapic printed on the tee.

There’s also always the default, button down underneath. It keeps your look sophisticated, and you may even want to wear a tie or bow tie. If you cant stand to wear a tie because it feels like your slowly being choked by fashion, then you can opt to loosen a button or two on your shirt.

Remember tweekers,Gilt sales don’t last long so act now and get your fix!

-That is all.

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