Thing of the week:

What up, doe! Happy turkey day!! Noch, here with the first post of the holiday season. And nothing says the holidays like some turkey, pumpkin pie, and waiting in line at 4 in the morning for those crazy discounts. But if you’re like me, you hate to wait in line, especially in the am. But are discounts only for insomniacs? Are we supposed to conform to the time restraints of the cooperate retailers? Nay, I say, NAY! The important thing to remember about Society Chic is that we’re not only about the fashion, we are also about the bargains. Bargains that are available year-round, not just black friday. Enter:

As if the name doesn’t say it all, is the best bang for your six bucks. Their selection of t-shirts are pretty extensive. With categories ranging from the extremely nerdy to the crazed sports fanatic.

T-shirt rundown:
Sizes ranging from S to 3X (Addtional charge for +sizes). Cotton high-quality silk screen t-shirts. Available in multiple colors. Ships within 2-business days. Designed and printed in the USA

Bonus: If you’re really looking for a bulk bargain, look out for their 10 for $50 deal (that’s sure to satisfy all your graphic tee needs).

If that isn’t enough to get your holiday juices flowing, they also have a bunch of different novelty items, like eco-friendly tote bags to vintage sunglasses and much more.

So check it out! I assure you won’t go wrong. If not -hey,  its only six bucks…

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