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Mugler Madness

June 28, 2012

Ok so I am pretty much in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/anything that Nicola Formichetti does because:

A) He’s everything

2) He’s the creative director for Theirry Mugler

D) He’s like, Gaga’s bestie!

Anywho. I’m always excited to see what he puts together for Mugler’s shows and of course he did not disappoint w/his latest showing in Paris. Ladies and gentlemen, Paris is burning and Nicola is serving us some Fifth Element realness here.



All in all I am living for this line and must own every piece of it. If there’s anyone who can make this happen please do so. You can find my contact info in the about us page. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

That is all.


June 1, 2012


Alright tweekers if you haven’t already jumped on the Instagram bandwagon then there’s no hope for you. Honestly, everyone and their mother is on it now, which means that everyone thniks they’re a photographer. Le sigh. It’s actually quite annoying. Also, I do have to say that as an iPhone user I am a bit prejudiced, and feel a little violated that the Android users can now partake in the instafun!

Anyways, amongst the pictures of food, kittens, and half naked hipster girls there are quite a couple of gems that shine brightly for fashion tweekers. Unlike most other social networking websites/apps that exist, I actually find use for the Instagram. You see, the thing is that I don’t understand why people have to constantly update their statuses or check into their waxing appointments etc. and want to share that kind of information with the world. Honestly I could care less that your hoo-hah is freshly waxed, or that your girlfriend left you for someone with a better credit score. I’ve always been a somewhat disinterested person unless it has to do with me.

As most of us know the Instagram let’s you upload pictures, and add old timey effects to them to give them that perfect vintage vibe. It’s also a great tool for us fashionistas to upload the trends that we love, as well as get style inspiration!

I’ve discovered many a great accounts that fulfill my fashion fix better than anyone could imagine. Here’s just a couple:





QPCollections (they offer handmade neckties and bow ties that I must get my hands on! )


Also, the other day I had one of my insomnia ridden Stumble Upon sessions and stumbled upon this ultra chic website called Printstagram, that lets you print out the pictures that you have on the Instagram. Now you can share those awesomely artistic pictures of your cooking, yourself holding your phone in front of the bathroom mirror, or those sunsets in many different forms. Amongst the items you can transfer your pictures onto are t-shirts, mini booklets, stickers, and old people. No not old people. I think that may be illiegal.

Anyways, I have yet to try this out, but as soon I start taking pictures of things other than my Kim Kardashian impressions I shall print something out. For more details in prices and such check out the website. Printstagram. And if any of you fashion tweekers happen to purchase any prints let us know how they turned out.

Picture 3
Picture 2
Picture 5
Picture 4


That is all.

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That is all.

Waffys Word: Suit Up!

May 15, 2012


Alright tweekers we’ve all been MIA for a while. We apologize for that, but we’re all slowly getting back into the groove of things so expect some amazing posts in the coming weeks.
This post is long over due, and frankly I couldn’t be more dipleased with myself for not posting about this subject sooner. This post is all about suits! If I’ve learned anything during my Netflix marathons of How I Met Your Mother, it’s that every man should own a suit.

The most important men in history have sported suits. Barrack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Mr. Magoo, and also Pee Wee Herman. Without a good suit you do not exist. Suits are everything and if you don’t own at least one, kill yourself. Just Kidding. Don’t do that. I may be held responsible for involuntary manslaughter.
Anyways, I’m going to keep it short and simple and highlight certain points from a GQ post that I read a while ago.

The Cheat Sheet
• A suit’s gotta fit right or it isn’t worth wearing.
• In order to make sure that it does fit right, find yourself a good tailor.
• You’ll never go wrong wearing at two-button suit with a fairly narrow lapel. It’s both classic and completely modern.
• Flat-front, relatively trim pants; very little break at the ankle.
• You should be able to easily cup your hands beneath the hem of the jacket; if you can’t, it’s too long.
• Show some cuff. It’s the mark of a (well-dressed) gentleman.
• Dress with the season—cotton suits in summer; tweeds, flannels, and corduroys in winter.
• If you’re going to wear a patterned suit, keep the patterns subtle. You want a smart suit, not a kooky one.
• If you ever can afford to get a bespoke suit, get one made. It’s worth every penny.

Check out the rest of this GQ post.
And as our fellow brother Barney Stinson would say. Suit up tweekers!
That is all.

Musique Chic: Zebra Katz

April 24, 2012


I’m kind of late posting this because I’ve been meaning to do it since about a month ago. So, there’s this new artist that everyone should definitely keep on their radar. His name is Zebra Katz, and his song Ima Read was featured in many a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Not to mention I’m in love with that above picture of him. Serving some Grace Jones realness.

This song is sickening to say the least. I swear it puts me in a trance and I haven’t gotten it out of my head since the first time I heard it. It’s damn catchy and it’s introduced many a people to a phrase known throughout the gay Vogueing and ballroom world.


Reading is the act of mocking someone in a humorous manner. Anyone familiar with Rupauls Drag Race should be well versed in the art of reading.

The song also features Njena Redd Foxxx. The two together create this cosmic sinister energy that can only be described by a word that’s not a word at all. Eartasticly-gasmic.

The video is so chic it makes me want to throw up. It’s like The Grudge meets Candy Man meets my dreams. Peep it and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Remember fashion tweekers, dancing is a form of exercise. Exercise gives people endorphins, endorphins make people happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.

That is all.

Sweet Charity

April 18, 2012


Well, it’s been ages since I’ve posted, please forgive me tweekers. It’s been hectic for a while now and I finally have some time to write a legit post to inform all of you of all the chicness that’s been happening. Between actually working, and handling adulthood I’ve been kind of out if it. I’m sure many of you checked out Melissa’s post detailing our first ever GQ Night. Hopefully next year we’ll get an even bigger turnout.

Moving on to matters of the present lets get real here tweekers. Being chic is not only about keeping up to date with the latest trends, but also about giving back to the community. Nothing says chic like a good charitable cause. Recently I met someone who works at a local thrift store that I frequent and she gave me the tea about a fundraiser she’s put together. It’s equal parts fashion and charity, with an all around dose of chicness.

The event is called Art Angels, and what it is, is an event to raise money and donate art supplies for a program called Through Angels Eyes. The program is an art therapy program for children with terminal illnesses and their families. As best stated by TAE “Sadly some children will never be old enough or healthy enough to go to school, and make countless works of art for the refrigerator. For those families (Through Angles Eyes) art therapy program steps in to ensure that each child becomes the artist in one gentle way or another.”

The event will be held at Stigma Tattoo Bar in downtown Orlando on April 21st, 2012. All that is asked is to make a monetary, or art supply donation. When you donate you will be given a raffle ticket, and there will be prizes given throughout the night donated by local businesses. Among other festivities that will be going on will be live body painting, a live art show, and two Dechoes Resale fashion shows.

Trust me this is an even worth going to. I got to preview the clothing that will be shown, and it’s everything. Think Absolutley Fabulous with a punk edge. Very Edina and Patsy meets the Sex Pistols.

For those of you who can’t attend an event unless alcohol is involved then you’ll be happy to hear about the drink specials. There wll be $2 Smirnoff specialty shots, given out by the body painted models. Half of the proceeds will be donated to the art therapy program, so your Lohanism is actually being encouraged.

The fundraiser begins at 9pm with catering from 9-11 and ends at 2am. It will be held at Stigma Tattoo Bar in downtown Orlando and is 21+ only. Stigma is located at:

17 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32801

If you cannot be in attendance you can make contributions to the program via their website.

And none of this would be possible without the vision of Sierra Missed who put the event together.

Remember to give back tweekers. It’s our duty as trendsetters to have people follow in our good doing. We are the messiah. Or not, whatever.

That is all.

1st Annual GQ Party: Recapped

April 15, 2012

Hey, loves! So if you didn’t have a chance to make it out to Dynasty Events’ 1st annual GQ party, you missed out! It was a blast! I’ve attached some pictures of the night, along with a few key things we found that worked best for club attire. Some things we saw that we really like:

  • Color blocking, Neutral colors and pops of color
  • LBD’s  with statement heels
  • Suspenders and Fedoras
  • Blazers and chain drop earrings
  • Knowing how to dress up jeans
  • Ties, bowties and more ties!

some of our fashionable friends really pulled out all the stops! Two of which were the winners of gift cards to H&M sponsered by Dynasty Events and the Society Chic team! It was an unforgettable night and we hope you see you out there next year! Be sure to head over to our Facebook to see more pictures from the night! - The SC Team

TOTW: Mind Your G’s and Q’s

March 29, 2012

Hey, Society! Bigs news! For a recent collab with, a successful promotion company in Tampa Bay, we’re sponsoring gift cards for the best dressed girl and guy at the Dynasty Events’ annual GQ party, being hosted at The Hyde Park Cafe! I’ve attached the official flyer below and I hope you’ll join myself & the rest of the Society Chic team, along with the Dynasty Events family for a fashionable night to remember! Come dressed in your best because yours truly will be a judge for the winners! You can get on the FREE guestlist by heading to and putting yourself on Melissa San Vicente’s guestlist.

Inspired by the GQ party, and with GQ in general, we decided to compile a few looks for the night out. Along with our looks, we’ve written a few commandments that men MUST live by when dressing for the nightlife. To avoid a Debbie Downer and to reap the benefits for guaranteeing yourself in the club (as opposed to being sent home for dress code), we advise you to stick with our guidelines and they’ll never steer you wrong!

Ten Commandments of Nightlife Attire:

  1. Dress-up: You can never be overdressed, and if you feel out of place, at least you’re the best dressed.
  2. Denim: keep your denim choices limited to a dark wash and fitted/straight leg style. Colored pants are fine, depending on your outfit, so choose wisely. 
  3. Minimize: having bulky pockets are a no-no. Keep only the essentials. Credit card, ID, spare cash in a small wallet.
  4. Soles: Don’t wear sneakers to a club. There’s a difference between fashion shoes and a beat-up pair of Air Force 1′s that you refuse to throw away. Also… wear flip-flops to a club and we’ll disown you. 
  5. Smell: Don’t wear too much cologne. No one wants to be intoxicated by your fumes.
  6. Ties: Do experiment with ties. They aren’t only for holidays. Ties can be used as your most bold accessory. Try out a color you’ve never tried before (lavender, magenta, mustard) or a pattern that you didn’t think would be “you” (paisley, geometric prints, plaid).
  7. Quality: Invest in a pair of quality shoes. Find a pair that suits you best, and have those as your “go to” shoe when you have no idea what to wear. 
  8. Keep it at the Shore: Bedazzled shirts and neon dragons (covering your tees) are out. Keep your shirts simple and ALWAYS ironed/steamed. Your look will always look more put-together with a crisp shirt.
  9. Bling: Don’t wear gaudy jewelry ie: big chains, overly chunky watches, golds in your mouth (unless you’re Flava Flav). Fist pumping just can’t be done if there’s a possibility of you injuring someone.
  10. Stay True: Have fun with your style. Look to the pages of GQ and find looks that you’d like to try out. Have a style that defines you and that makes you comfortable. Confidence is your best accessory, so if you’re not “feeling” your outfit, odds are it’ll show in your confidence. 
We hope you’ll keep this and use it as a guide on your next big event. And if you follow our rules and STILL get kicked out of a club for incorrectly dressing.. call us! We gladly accept the challenge. We hope to see you out there and we’ll be keeping a close eye on our faves! Good Luck!
Now, for some looks that’ll assure you to the front of the line.
Waffy’s pick:

Noche’s pick:

Melissa’s pick:

Color Me Bold

March 13, 2012

Oh tweekers, I’m full of ennui at the moment. Why you may ask? Well I feel like people are afraid of color, so they decide to torture me with their drab wardrobe. I long for festive, and vibrant colors of yesteryear. Give me the cobalt blues, hit me with some canary yellow, for goodness sake slap me across the face and color me  lilac!

Anyways, as spring approaches everyone should be aware of the color storm that I predict. As evidenced in the runways, this spring is all about adding POPS of color to your style.

Colors that once were used to compliment, are now dying to be the center of focus. I’m currently living for the color yellow. Below you’ll find just a couple of ideas of how to incorporate some daring hues into your life. Just let them in and let them touch you. But, not inappropriately, I think I’ll get sued for somehow indirectly sexually harassing you. I don’t know I’m kind of fuzzy on what the laws are.


Let’s begin with red. I am always big on the use of red and navy together. There’s something so 80s/90’s Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren Wasp about it. Also, these combined color schemes remind me of the tablecloth my mother used to use on thanksgiving and it makes me feel safe. As you’ll note I decided to add a checkered bowtie. Everyone knows that I live for a good bowtie, and also a fun pattern to spruce things up. Take not of the leather goodies that I’ve paired up with this fresh outfit. The brown leather look kind of neutralizes the whole ensemble, and really takes the look into spring.

Red look

Next up we have the orange and blue look. As some may attest to wearing blue and orange together because of sports conflicts (I’m looking at you ‘Noles fans) it’s quite an elementary pairing. Honestly, it really is. Do y’all remember when you were little and learning the color wheel, which by the way was my toughest lesson to learn because I’m borderline colorblind and it made feel like Forest Gump. Anyways, orange and blue are opposites therefore they “go together.” I again added a fun pattern with the shirt. Polka dots are everything during the spring season. The Fedora tops the look off quite nicely and adds a touch of beach bum chic. As far as the belt and shoes I was going with a somewhat nautical theme, which again ties into the whole beach bum chic idea. The glasses are really just so people will think you’re more than just a pretty face. You’re not.

blue-orange look
Lastly we have the yellow pants. Honestly I came up with this look at 3 in the morning after not sleeping for a while and I got a little lost. At some point it looked like a bumblebee, and then somehow I ended up with big bird/paisley/biker chic. I’m not sure what I expected the end result to be, but I’m borderline in love with what it turned out to be. Again I’m big into patterns so the shirt is what does it for me. No actually it’s the leather-studded bow tie that does the trick. Or maybe it’s the biker boots? But the leather jacket is what I’m really living for. Actually it’s just a big cluster of OHMYGODTHISISAWESOME! While this look may seem a tad extreme for some, for me it’s just what the doctor prescribed to rid me of my ennui.


Well fashion tweekers, be big, be bold, be strong. Roar!

It’s 3 am.

That is all.

Thing of the Week: I’m on a Boat (Shoes That Is)

March 11, 2012

Well tweekers we’re well into our way into the spring season. For many, spring is a time of rejuvenation, as well as a time to enter a whole new spectrum of fashion. While living in Florida really doesn’t allow for much winter wear, spring is a completely different story.

This week we’ll be delving into our inner Wasp, and straight into our boat shoes. Yes, that’s correct the trend that has carried into mainstream fashion is no longer just for your grandfather and his drunken cronies.

Get ready to board your yacht and splash around in champagne, because these shoes will have you thinking you’re a Russian billionaire. (Even though you’re probably more in debt-ionaire than anything else.)

All of these shoes are brought to you by and under $100!!!

  1. $55 by Vans
  2. $90 by Florsheim
  3. $79.95 by Sperry
  4. $65 by Vans
  5. $80 by Sperry
  6. $62 by Vans
  7. $59 by Polo Ralph Lauren
  8. $75 by Sperry
  9. $77.99 by Kenneth Cole Reaction




So go get your boat fix now tweekers.

That is all.

You Arnold, You’re a 90s baby.

February 28, 2012

(Get it? You Aren’t old (Arnold) haha. Pun #2. I’m punny) Anyways…


HEY TWEEKERS!!! You may be wondering why Arnold’s picture is posted. You may also be wondering what global warming will do to your hair today. Well the answer to the first question is simple; Arnold is my inspiration for today’s post.

I’ve seen other fashion blogs take inspiration from cartoon characters, and now I’m following suit and taking a crack at it. When you think about it Arnold was a hipster of the 90s. Those skintight skinny jeans of his, that androgynous plaid shirt that I swore was a skirt (I’m still kind of disappointed it’s not) and his pet pig. So jealous that he has a pet pig. I’m starting to resent Arnold now.

Anyways, Arnold is an icon for all 90s babies. His style can take you from a class at your local community college (because some of us couldn’t get into REAL college) to a date with someone you don’t necessarily find attractive (but you know they’ll pay) to that sleazy dive bar you’re always hanging out at in hopes of finding someone to hold you at night.


So I basically kept it true to Arnold’s wardrobe. Very slim skinny jeans paired with an aqua sweater over a red plaid shirt. As far as the shoes I decided to feature ones that we’ve posted on here before. TOMS perforated leather shoes. I chose to add a backpack for the look to give that chic, urbanite student vibe.

Now for the fun part. The hat. While Arnold kept it basic with his little baseball cap we will not stray that way. If there’s anything that us fashion tweekers are not, it’s basic. The hat really gives us a lot to play with.

First off, the fedora. A fedora suits mostly everyone’s head shape and size. The black leather one I chose pulls the look together because it matches the leather shoes. The cap is just a fun twist on Arnolds blue cap. Again the denim pulls together the look, matching the jeans. Lastly we have the paperboy hat. It’s the ultimate chic hat to wear at anytime. It shows that you’re daring and if you can pull it off it adds a whole ‘nother level of sexy to your essence.

Oh I noticed I never answered the second question from above. Honestly if global warming is messing up your hair game, then I suggest investing in a nice lace front wig and call it a day.

That is all.

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