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1st Annual GQ Party: Recapped

April 15, 2012

Hey, loves! So if you didn’t have a chance to make it out to Dynasty Events’ 1st annual GQ party, you missed out! It was a blast! I’ve attached some pictures of the night, along with a few key things we found that worked best for club attire. Some things we saw that we really like:

  • Color blocking, Neutral colors and pops of color
  • LBD’s  with statement heels
  • Suspenders and Fedoras
  • Blazers and chain drop earrings
  • Knowing how to dress up jeans
  • Ties, bowties and more ties!

some of our fashionable friends really pulled out all the stops! Two of which were the winners of gift cards to H&M sponsered by Dynasty Events and the Society Chic team! It was an unforgettable night and we hope you see you out there next year! Be sure to head over to our Facebook to see more pictures from the night! - The SC Team

TOTW: Mind Your G’s and Q’s

March 29, 2012

Hey, Society! Bigs news! For a recent collab with, a successful promotion company in Tampa Bay, we’re sponsoring gift cards for the best dressed girl and guy at the Dynasty Events’ annual GQ party, being hosted at The Hyde Park Cafe! I’ve attached the official flyer below and I hope you’ll join myself & the rest of the Society Chic team, along with the Dynasty Events family for a fashionable night to remember! Come dressed in your best because yours truly will be a judge for the winners! You can get on the FREE guestlist by heading to and putting yourself on Melissa San Vicente’s guestlist.

Inspired by the GQ party, and with GQ in general, we decided to compile a few looks for the night out. Along with our looks, we’ve written a few commandments that men MUST live by when dressing for the nightlife. To avoid a Debbie Downer and to reap the benefits for guaranteeing yourself in the club (as opposed to being sent home for dress code), we advise you to stick with our guidelines and they’ll never steer you wrong!

Ten Commandments of Nightlife Attire:

  1. Dress-up: You can never be overdressed, and if you feel out of place, at least you’re the best dressed.
  2. Denim: keep your denim choices limited to a dark wash and fitted/straight leg style. Colored pants are fine, depending on your outfit, so choose wisely. 
  3. Minimize: having bulky pockets are a no-no. Keep only the essentials. Credit card, ID, spare cash in a small wallet.
  4. Soles: Don’t wear sneakers to a club. There’s a difference between fashion shoes and a beat-up pair of Air Force 1′s that you refuse to throw away. Also… wear flip-flops to a club and we’ll disown you. 
  5. Smell: Don’t wear too much cologne. No one wants to be intoxicated by your fumes.
  6. Ties: Do experiment with ties. They aren’t only for holidays. Ties can be used as your most bold accessory. Try out a color you’ve never tried before (lavender, magenta, mustard) or a pattern that you didn’t think would be “you” (paisley, geometric prints, plaid).
  7. Quality: Invest in a pair of quality shoes. Find a pair that suits you best, and have those as your “go to” shoe when you have no idea what to wear. 
  8. Keep it at the Shore: Bedazzled shirts and neon dragons (covering your tees) are out. Keep your shirts simple and ALWAYS ironed/steamed. Your look will always look more put-together with a crisp shirt.
  9. Bling: Don’t wear gaudy jewelry ie: big chains, overly chunky watches, golds in your mouth (unless you’re Flava Flav). Fist pumping just can’t be done if there’s a possibility of you injuring someone.
  10. Stay True: Have fun with your style. Look to the pages of GQ and find looks that you’d like to try out. Have a style that defines you and that makes you comfortable. Confidence is your best accessory, so if you’re not “feeling” your outfit, odds are it’ll show in your confidence. 
We hope you’ll keep this and use it as a guide on your next big event. And if you follow our rules and STILL get kicked out of a club for incorrectly dressing.. call us! We gladly accept the challenge. We hope to see you out there and we’ll be keeping a close eye on our faves! Good Luck!
Now, for some looks that’ll assure you to the front of the line.
Waffy’s pick:

Noche’s pick:

Melissa’s pick:

Gilty Pleasure: Best Bets Under $50 and Other Friday Goodies

January 13, 2012

Hey tweekers! So I’m still trying to figure out how to bring you the best that Gilt has to offer, because if you’ve visited and joined the site you know that their sales start at noon and everything gets sold out quickly. Lets see if this approach works.

Ok so to start off let me just say that when you “preview” the sales beforehand rprices aren’t posted and sometimes only a couple items or promotional work is shown.

On Friday 1/13/2012 these are the sales that commence.
Best bets under $50:

As described on the site “Our roundup of great picks under $50 is all about elevating your style without devastating your wallet. So whether you’re looking to fill a gap in your wardrobe — or to rebuild it entirely — we’ve got what you need to kit yourself out without breaking the bank.”


orig-1The Basics Shop:

As described on the site “When it comes to building a great wardrobe, start with the basics. We’ve got a selection of go-to pieces here — from underwear and socks to shirts and dress shoes — that’ll set you on the road to a properly outfitted closet.”

Casual Friday:

As describe on the site “Gentlemen, for the sake of all that is good in this world, please heed our words: Casual Friday is not the time to bust out your billowy old chinos and a promotional polo shirt. It’s the time to show the workplace what you’re really made of — in a sartorial sense, of course. Get all the gear you need to do it right in this sale.”


Well tweekers, hope that helps satisfy your fix. Love that I can help enable your addictions. Remember rehab is for quitters.

-That is all.

Waffy’s Word: Sunglasses

January 11, 2012

Hey there tweekers! It’s been a hectic time lately for my brain. I got kind of lost and sidetracked for a moment and ended up in Narnia. I was warned to not let my alter ego Waffy Lohan get in the way of my postings, but of course neither of us listen.

Buts alas, here I am in a semi clear state of mind ready to bring you this post of the ONE THING I completely and absolutely live for.


OMG, I love love love love sunglasses. I cannot stress enough how essential sunglasses are to my life. I feel naked being in public without my sunglasses.

Now, this post is just a tad different in that instead of focusing on a certain pair of sunglasses or bringing you great deals on them (which will still be done) I’m going to offer my philosophy and views on this must have, can’t live without accessory.

Ok, so first of all let me say that I absolutely live in my own world where I’m the star of my own life. It’s a tad delusional but I honestly believe that I am some kind of messiah brought upon this earth to bestow my beauty and knowledge amongst the mere mortals that inhibit this solemn planet.

Yes, I know im full of it, but humor me. Ok so I love sunglasses because i LITERALLY wear them ALL THE TIME. I can’t drive my car unless I have a pair of sunglasses on, I can’t walk anywhere in public unless my eyes are concealed, and heaven forbid someone look me directly in the eyes. Sunglasses are also the answer to hangovers. I mean slap on a pair of sunglasses on your mug and it’s like you’re refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day bombards you with.

I generally don’t like interacting or socializing with people when I don’t have to so when in public I always maintain a stoic facial expression as well as a big ‘ol pair of glasses on. Yes, I think I’m related to Victoria Beckham.

Anywhoooo, there are a couple of key things to remember when buying sunglasses. First of all take into consideration the shape of your face. I of course can pull most styles off, and for me the bigger the better. Here’s a quick guide to help you on your journey into super sunglass stardom.




Rectangular or oblong faces need frames that are wider. It’ll help your face not look quite so Humpty Dumpty like. Your faces is rectangular if it’s longer that it is wide.


Whatever for the life of you and those around you, DO NOT wear any round frames. Look for frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face. Any thing round or small will just make your head look like a globe.


Praise the high heavens if you have an oval face. You have the face that everyone wants. Pretty much you have the birkin of faces. Your face can handle any style so don’t be afraid try anything on.


For this face shape you’ll want to choose frames that curve your face. Frames thar are round will be your best friends.


For a diamond face you’ll want to choose oval like frames. It’s highly likely that you have high cheekbones if you gave a diamond shaped face so also go for slightly bigger frames.


You’ll want to choose frames that have a straight top line. These kind of glasses will balance out your face.


Oh and lastly, seeing as I tend to lose and break every pair of glasses I’ve ever had I don’t spend much money on them. I don’t usually buy brand name sunglasses. Certain retailers have great sunglasses for anywhere from $10-$15.



There you have it tweekers. Now set forth and spread Waffy’s word.

-That is all


Gilty Pleasure: Band of Outsiders

December 23, 2011

Hello tweekers!!! On todays post we feature Band of Outsiders. This brand is closely associated with young celebrities such as Rupert Grint and Tom Felton from the Harry Potter series as well as James Marsden and most importantly JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT!!! Ughhhh I LIVE FOR JGL!!! He’s like the pop to my tart, the sub to my way, the crack to my pipe. Yes I’m in love. I mostly chose to feature this brand because of him. I do a lot of things because of JGL. It’s like an abusive relationship except that he’s not aware that he’s being abusive. Actually he’s not aware we’re in a relationship. It’s okay though, who needs acknowledgement in order to love? Obv not me!

Anyway I digress here’s just a couple of picks from what Gilt Men is featuring on their site that I absolutely live for.


Picture 1
First up is this seersucker schoolboy blazer for $399 (original: $900)

Reasons I live for this blazer:

  • It reminds me of Carlton from the Fresh Prince
  • I want to do the Carlton Dance in it.
  • It also reminds me of the Polo scene in Pretty Woman
  • Feeling connected to Julia Roberts and Carlton Banks with one item of clothing= I win


Picture 2

Next is this pair of drawstring shorts for $169 (original $625)

Who lives for short shorts?!! I LIVE for short shorts!!


Picture 3

They also have a variety of embroidered belts for $199 (originally $410)

Its’s like your wearing a poisonous snake around your waste.


Picture 5

I’m SOOOO excited about the ties that they carry. This one is silk for $59 (originally $130)

I LIVE LIVE LIVE for skinny ties. I love for my ties to be as anorexic as possible. I’m so into the heroin chic look.


Picture 4

EEEEEEEEE!!! THEY HAVE BOWTIES priced at $49 (originally $105)

Everyone who is ANYONE knows how much I love bow ties. I’d give up my first born if someone gave me a lifetime supply of designer bow ties. No joke that baby would be gone. They could take the other kids too. I’m not particularly fond of children. What ever.

Hurry up and sign up to Gilt if you haven’t already to take advantage of these amazeball sales.

That is all.


DIY: How to Fray Jeans

December 13, 2011

I thought that making a video would be easier than writing a post. Turns out it’s more of a headache than I initially thought. Anywho here’s a nifty video that explains how to make your own custom pair of frayed jeans. Enjoy!


That is all


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