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July 16, 2012

Hello, lovebugs!
I just wanted to reach out to all of you and send my sincerest gratitude for bearing with us these past weeks. You can never anticipate what life will throw at you and I believe it’s safe to say that it’s been a rough year for the majority of us. While we’ve all been catching up with life… we’re finally returning from our small hiatus. The support and comments have meant so much to us. We’re excited to show more of a variety of things this year, new experiments and upcoming artists. Thank you for hanging tight and staying the truest of fans. I’m looking at you, Pinterest supporters!
So, let’s cut to the chase… I rolled upon a really awesome website/blog. is equal parts blog and fashion store. You’ll find the latest trends on a weekly basis. I find their style simple, girly, fresh and comfortable. You’ll fall in love with their tiny cross bracelets, knit tops and fun shorts. I’m always a fan of pastels and soft colors – so you’ll find it easy to pair pieces on their website. Check out a few of my faves below and be sure to visit their store for more items.

1st Annual GQ Party: Recapped

April 15, 2012

Hey, loves! So if you didn’t have a chance to make it out to Dynasty Events’ 1st annual GQ party, you missed out! It was a blast! I’ve attached some pictures of the night, along with a few key things we found that worked best for club attire. Some things we saw that we really like:

  • Color blocking, Neutral colors and pops of color
  • LBD’s  with statement heels
  • Suspenders and Fedoras
  • Blazers and chain drop earrings
  • Knowing how to dress up jeans
  • Ties, bowties and more ties!

some of our fashionable friends really pulled out all the stops! Two of which were the winners of gift cards to H&M sponsered by Dynasty Events and the Society Chic team! It was an unforgettable night and we hope you see you out there next year! Be sure to head over to our Facebook to see more pictures from the night! - The SC Team

Thing of the Week: Little White Dress

March 9, 2012

So.. you knew this was coming, right? Every girl should own a LBD (Little Black Dress, for those of you living under a rock), but what about the little white dress we’ve seen gracing the runways and streets? I know, if you’re anything like me, you’re already trying to figure out how to pull off this look without resembling a toddler in “Sunday’s best”. It’s a difficult trend to pull, but with the right elements -you’re bound to nail your favorite look. So for the TOTW (Thing of the Week.. you poor, deprived rock-living people), I’m giving all of my ladies a fair share of the very trendy LWD. I hope you’ll find that one of our looks fits your style to a T. Have an awesome weekend and remember.. light dress, light food! Wine comes in all different colors, you know? :) *thumbs up* Later, babes. - M

Work-Approved Doll:

Work Approved



Romantic Darling:




Boho Babe:

Boho Chic



Right Kinda Rocker:

Rocker Chic



Pretty in Prep:

All Prepped



Girl’s Night Out:

Girl's Night Out

Work Approved: Color Blocking

December 22, 2011

Professional since I came out of the womb, I’ve always found shortcuts to making  fashion ‘work’ within my 8-5 timeframe. While, some of us have it more lenient than others, there are always ways to pull off specific looks in the workplace.. if you’re careful! We know that color blocking is still here to stay and I’m rounding the edges here a bit to accommodate for all careers and work areas. Let’s get started!

Think PINK: When you want to show that edgy, girly side to your outfit, you want to make sure you’re balancing the outfit out with some neutral shades or common colored purse. I’m usually ALWAYS playing it safe when it comes to heels in the workplace, mainly because the funky-colored shoes are usually not as comfortable. I stay towards the low-inch, chunky-heel, wedge category for work. So far, no complaints! Here’s a little nudge to your inner girly. I’ve always loved bow ties on men. I think it’s such a classic and trendy look.. and then thought, “What about us LADIES?!” Who’s to say that girl’s can’t pull off men’s wear better than.. well, MEN! Just poking fun, fellas! But.. Seriously, SHARE! :)

Think Pink
Think Pink by societyxchic featuring hair clip accessories



The Blues: I had to throw some pops of color in here, but by using a black/white scarf, you distract the mind of the variety of colors going on, which makes you look more pulled together! Not to mention some comfy loafers? I’m completely sold.

Have The Blues
Have The Blues by societyxchic featuring swatch watches

Mellow in Some Yellow: When you want to be noticed, but not look like a clown, I’m finding yellow is the “it” color this season (a more mustard yellow to be exact). Here you can see that instead of pairing yellows with neutrals and browns, I’m trying something a little different. I, for some reason, think of the sea with this piece by piece. It’s playful, yet classy, and based around one solid color. Try finding one color that you absolutely LOVE and work your way around with it. Spend an extra 5 in the morning and try a new spin on your color blocking skills.

Mellow In Some Yellow
Nudie Pants: And finally to those who play it safe an awful lot, a nude (slightly) color-blocked outfit for your inner rebel. If you’re not yet comfortable colorblocking at work, try using your jewelry to get your feet wet. Even suspenders that can be hidden in the morning (with a jacket) and shown off later in the day when you’ve had your 3:30 coffee fix and are feeling ready to conquer some paperwork! :)
Nudie Pants


So there you have it, ladies! A few outfits to tie you over for the holidays! Be sure to always check with your HR department to find out the specifics of your dress code. If you’re not sure, email something you’d like to wear and see if it’ll fly. You never know until you ask! I hope this season we’re all given a little courage to pull off something more daring than these looks! After all, not all of us fetch coffee for the editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue and are not given the opportunity to make outfit statements everyday, so try using your 8-5 as an opportunity to test the waters! As always, send me your looks using hashtag #SocietyChic. ox - M

What Jewl-R-We?

December 9, 2011

A few posts earlier, I covered a piece-by-piece that featured a duo-toned statement necklace. I thought to myself, “Lately, I have seen a lot more jewelry on the runways and streets than I normally do.” Then, of course, thought that I needed to post about the most recent jewelry trends that are taking center stage! I’ll break down a few spring looks that I’m absolutely floored about.

You know it. You love it (or, at least I love it!). It’s here to stay for yet another season and this time – on your neck, ears, and hands! For a simple/comfy piece-by-piece, pair colorblocked jewelry with leather skinnies, an oversized white tee and some flats or boots! While the pictures below are of highly priced pieces that I’ve seen on the runway, find my ShopStyle below of similar looks for less!Colorblock


Ghostly Statements:
I cannot get enough of these muted, matte and all-over-white pieces. Something about breaking the rules for wearing white post Labor Day makes me feel like a rebel. *giggles*

White on White



Rose Schmose:
I admit, I was never really a fan of rose gold. It took me a few trys to get it with the right outfit. I’ve noticed this is another trend that’s coming to the surface and it’s safe to say, I’ll be rocking a few of these for my piece-by-piece.

Rose Gold



Well, I hope you guys enjoyed it! With absolute perfect timing, TODAY and until 12/11, Forever 21 is offering 30% off all jewelry. Find their awesome looks here. I hope every has a nice weekend! xx -M


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