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1st Annual GQ Party: Recapped

April 15, 2012

Hey, loves! So if you didn’t have a chance to make it out to Dynasty Events’ 1st annual GQ party, you missed out! It was a blast! I’ve attached some pictures of the night, along with a few key things we found that worked best for club attire. Some things we saw that we really like:

  • Color blocking, Neutral colors and pops of color
  • LBD’s  with statement heels
  • Suspenders and Fedoras
  • Blazers and chain drop earrings
  • Knowing how to dress up jeans
  • Ties, bowties and more ties!

some of our fashionable friends really pulled out all the stops! Two of which were the winners of gift cards to H&M sponsered by Dynasty Events and the Society Chic team! It was an unforgettable night and we hope you see you out there next year! Be sure to head over to our Facebook to see more pictures from the night! - The SC Team

Cinemagraph + Tiffany & Co.

March 14, 2012

Good Morning! Has every had their coffee this morning? Aside from needing my daily dose of caffeine (as a kid, I’d make my mom’s coffee and would taste it to make sure it was JUST right before handing it off to her. Therefore, I blame her for my slight addiction) I’m always browsing my favorite blog sites to spark a little inspiration and creativity. So, today I came across some pretty amazing photos that I wanted to share with you. From me to You is a popular photography blog I’ve been following -that I absolutely LOVE! The other day they featured these fantastic photos from Tiffany & Co. by Cinemagraph (Cinemagraph™ © 2011 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg). When you have a chance, you’ve got to check out their website. I’m so obsessed with how the models are able to stay so still while they’re taking the photos. You almost have to sit and wait to see what is moving in the picture. So creative and daring. I hope you’ll find these images just as inspiring as I have!

 A little sidenote I’ve kept in the back of my mind for some time: We all know that ideas and art don’t just come out of a can you can buy at the supermarket. Many people ask me “How do you come up with these ideas and outfits?”.. and my response is always “inspiration.” Bare in mind that we (Noche, Marti, Waffles & myself) will always try to feature things we’re loving, wearing, inspired by and the like. We never receive any kind of money for the items we feature, and if we do, we’ll be completely transparent about the relationships we hold with our partners. We just want you to love the stuff that we love -and we’re committed to doing just that. And.. well, if you don’t like it? Then that’s okay! While its wildly impossible to cater to all the masses, we hope that just one of our styles and ideas cater to at least one of you. Just something I’ve been wanting to share, because I get these questions all the time. I’m mustering up the time to come up with a quick FAQ page for all the amazingly great emails we get! So, enough of my rambling. Have a sweet Wednesday…
Oh, and remember to love a little, okay? ox - M

You Arnold, You’re a 90s baby.

February 28, 2012

(Get it? You Aren’t old (Arnold) haha. Pun #2. I’m punny) Anyways…


HEY TWEEKERS!!! You may be wondering why Arnold’s picture is posted. You may also be wondering what global warming will do to your hair today. Well the answer to the first question is simple; Arnold is my inspiration for today’s post.

I’ve seen other fashion blogs take inspiration from cartoon characters, and now I’m following suit and taking a crack at it. When you think about it Arnold was a hipster of the 90s. Those skintight skinny jeans of his, that androgynous plaid shirt that I swore was a skirt (I’m still kind of disappointed it’s not) and his pet pig. So jealous that he has a pet pig. I’m starting to resent Arnold now.

Anyways, Arnold is an icon for all 90s babies. His style can take you from a class at your local community college (because some of us couldn’t get into REAL college) to a date with someone you don’t necessarily find attractive (but you know they’ll pay) to that sleazy dive bar you’re always hanging out at in hopes of finding someone to hold you at night.


So I basically kept it true to Arnold’s wardrobe. Very slim skinny jeans paired with an aqua sweater over a red plaid shirt. As far as the shoes I decided to feature ones that we’ve posted on here before. TOMS perforated leather shoes. I chose to add a backpack for the look to give that chic, urbanite student vibe.

Now for the fun part. The hat. While Arnold kept it basic with his little baseball cap we will not stray that way. If there’s anything that us fashion tweekers are not, it’s basic. The hat really gives us a lot to play with.

First off, the fedora. A fedora suits mostly everyone’s head shape and size. The black leather one I chose pulls the look together because it matches the leather shoes. The cap is just a fun twist on Arnolds blue cap. Again the denim pulls together the look, matching the jeans. Lastly we have the paperboy hat. It’s the ultimate chic hat to wear at anytime. It shows that you’re daring and if you can pull it off it adds a whole ‘nother level of sexy to your essence.

Oh I noticed I never answered the second question from above. Honestly if global warming is messing up your hair game, then I suggest investing in a nice lace front wig and call it a day.

That is all.

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