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Thing of the Week: Blazers on Gilt

February 16, 2012

Picture 1

So this week we’ll be combining “TOTW” with “Gilty Pleasure.”  This week we’ll be focusing on blazers, and it just so happens that Gilt is having an extravaganza right now and is offering a bevy of blazers!

Blazers are a staple in any fashion tweekers wardrobe. There’s many ways that a Blazer can be dressed up or dressed down, and it also adds another layer to your outfit, because we all know that when that withdrawal happens, it send all kinds of chills down our spines.

Here’s a couple of blazers that caught my eye.

1) Paul & Joe Homme. $499

This fitted two button black blazer can be considered the most essential of all. It’s classic look  accompanied with it’s modern fit are the perfect mix for any gentleman’s wardrobe.

2) John Varvatos. $649

I live for this style of blazer. It’s perfect to wear during the day and pair with a chic set of boots.

3) Hickey Velvet Blazer. $349

Anyone who is ANYONE knows that a velvet blazer is everything. The texture adds something different to the touch than say any other peasant of a blazer.

4)Jack Spade. $199

While it may look like a grandfathers sports coat lets not be quick to judge. This blazer is quite classic in it’s simplicity and if you’re like me then  a classic look is what you should strive for.

5) Tommy Hilfiger Suiting. $149

Okay so I absolutely live live live for this blazer. The tweed! The tweed! Oh how I live for the tweed. Takes me back to the Brady Bunch days when Greg and Marcia and Cindy and Peter were all like my friends. Oh how I miss Alice. Sigh.


Now some tips and suggestions on how to wear your blazers/jackets. I absolutely live to wear turtle necks under a blazer. There’s something just so vintage Hollywood about wearing a turtle neck under a jacket.

If you’re not so crazy about the turtle neck, go with a simple graphic tee underneath. Remember to keep it all about the simplicity so don’t go crazy w/the grapic printed on the tee.

There’s also always the default, button down underneath. It keeps your look sophisticated, and you may even want to wear a tie or bow tie. If you cant stand to wear a tie because it feels like your slowly being choked by fashion, then you can opt to loosen a button or two on your shirt.

Remember tweekers,Gilt sales don’t last long so act now and get your fix!

-That is all.

Gilty Pleasure: Best Bets Under $50 and Other Friday Goodies

January 13, 2012

Hey tweekers! So I’m still trying to figure out how to bring you the best that Gilt has to offer, because if you’ve visited and joined the site you know that their sales start at noon and everything gets sold out quickly. Lets see if this approach works.

Ok so to start off let me just say that when you “preview” the sales beforehand rprices aren’t posted and sometimes only a couple items or promotional work is shown.

On Friday 1/13/2012 these are the sales that commence.
Best bets under $50:

As described on the site “Our roundup of great picks under $50 is all about elevating your style without devastating your wallet. So whether you’re looking to fill a gap in your wardrobe — or to rebuild it entirely — we’ve got what you need to kit yourself out without breaking the bank.”


orig-1The Basics Shop:

As described on the site “When it comes to building a great wardrobe, start with the basics. We’ve got a selection of go-to pieces here — from underwear and socks to shirts and dress shoes — that’ll set you on the road to a properly outfitted closet.”

Casual Friday:

As describe on the site “Gentlemen, for the sake of all that is good in this world, please heed our words: Casual Friday is not the time to bust out your billowy old chinos and a promotional polo shirt. It’s the time to show the workplace what you’re really made of — in a sartorial sense, of course. Get all the gear you need to do it right in this sale.”


Well tweekers, hope that helps satisfy your fix. Love that I can help enable your addictions. Remember rehab is for quitters.

-That is all.

Gilty Pleasure: Band of Outsiders

December 23, 2011

Hello tweekers!!! On todays post we feature Band of Outsiders. This brand is closely associated with young celebrities such as Rupert Grint and Tom Felton from the Harry Potter series as well as James Marsden and most importantly JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT!!! Ughhhh I LIVE FOR JGL!!! He’s like the pop to my tart, the sub to my way, the crack to my pipe. Yes I’m in love. I mostly chose to feature this brand because of him. I do a lot of things because of JGL. It’s like an abusive relationship except that he’s not aware that he’s being abusive. Actually he’s not aware we’re in a relationship. It’s okay though, who needs acknowledgement in order to love? Obv not me!

Anyway I digress here’s just a couple of picks from what Gilt Men is featuring on their site that I absolutely live for.


Picture 1
First up is this seersucker schoolboy blazer for $399 (original: $900)

Reasons I live for this blazer:

  • It reminds me of Carlton from the Fresh Prince
  • I want to do the Carlton Dance in it.
  • It also reminds me of the Polo scene in Pretty Woman
  • Feeling connected to Julia Roberts and Carlton Banks with one item of clothing= I win


Picture 2

Next is this pair of drawstring shorts for $169 (original $625)

Who lives for short shorts?!! I LIVE for short shorts!!


Picture 3

They also have a variety of embroidered belts for $199 (originally $410)

Its’s like your wearing a poisonous snake around your waste.


Picture 5

I’m SOOOO excited about the ties that they carry. This one is silk for $59 (originally $130)

I LIVE LIVE LIVE for skinny ties. I love for my ties to be as anorexic as possible. I’m so into the heroin chic look.


Picture 4

EEEEEEEEE!!! THEY HAVE BOWTIES priced at $49 (originally $105)

Everyone who is ANYONE knows how much I love bow ties. I’d give up my first born if someone gave me a lifetime supply of designer bow ties. No joke that baby would be gone. They could take the other kids too. I’m not particularly fond of children. What ever.

Hurry up and sign up to Gilt if you haven’t already to take advantage of these amazeball sales.

That is all.


Gilty Pleasure: Marc by Marc Jacobs

November 29, 2011

Ello ello all fashion tweekers! This is the first post that I will dedicate to the phenomenally frugal website that is

Just to summarize, Gilt is a website dedicated to getting the likes of us broke folk the most amazing deals such as 60% off of designer retail prices but, of course as we all know the devil wears Prada and must be behind this. While you may not have to sell your soul (although I would) there is a catch. The thing is that most sales start at noon and quickly sell out so you have to be quick about your shopping. No lolly gagging is allowed around here.

Also sales don’t last long. They will only be open a few days so again, no lolly gagging just grab what you can and go! This website is designed specifically for the fashion junkies out there that need to get their fix fast, cheap, and thrilling!

OH!!! And you also have to be a member of the site but it’s super easy to join once you go onto the website. By becoming a member you also get to preview the upcoming sales during the week and be sure to download the mobile app for your phone so you can shop on the go!

Ok, so enough of the bargain BS and let’s get to what we came here for. Today’s sale comes to us via Marc by Marc Jacobs. While at the time that this is posted a lot may be sold out please cut me some slack I literally just came up with this idea about fifteen minutes ago.

Wool Striped Hats: $19 (originally $38)


Wool Striped Fingerless Gloves: $15 (originally $28)

Stick Fit Jeans: $79 (originally $198, $220)

Cotton Uniform Jeans: $49 (originally $188)

Leather Biker Jacket: $399 (originally $898)


Wool Cashmere Blazer: $199 (originally $498)

 That is all.

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