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Thing of the Week: Little White Dress

March 9, 2012

So.. you knew this was coming, right? Every girl should own a LBD (Little Black Dress, for those of you living under a rock), but what about the little white dress we’ve seen gracing the runways and streets? I know, if you’re anything like me, you’re already trying to figure out how to pull off this look without resembling a toddler in “Sunday’s best”. It’s a difficult trend to pull, but with the right elements -you’re bound to nail your favorite look. So for the TOTW (Thing of the Week.. you poor, deprived rock-living people), I’m giving all of my ladies a fair share of the very trendy LWD. I hope you’ll find that one of our looks fits your style to a T. Have an awesome weekend and remember.. light dress, light food! Wine comes in all different colors, you know? :) *thumbs up* Later, babes. - M

Work-Approved Doll:

Work Approved



Romantic Darling:




Boho Babe:

Boho Chic



Right Kinda Rocker:

Rocker Chic



Pretty in Prep:

All Prepped



Girl’s Night Out:

Girl's Night Out

Dear Mel: Bag Trends of 2012

January 13, 2012

Hi, Babes! Happy Friday! So, I’ll start by saying that I am ALWAYS getting messages about different looks and questions on better buys for several things. I absolutely LOVE your feedback, fun mail and everything in between. Recently, I’ve come across a few questions that I not only answer, but love to showcase on here because they are questions I feel that other readers would like to know. So I’d like to open the can of worms and ENCOURAGE you to write us about any fashion, beauty, trend, home décor, review question that you might have. We will always conceal your identity, if needed! Just find the Contact Us page or click HERE.

So, for our “Thing of the Week” and without further a due..

Dear Mel,  
It’s a new year and that means change! So… with that said, I need your help! I am in the market to buy a new purse. My question is what are the trends for 2012 and how can I not go broke looking stylish?
Love Always,
A bag lover in Tampa Bay


Dear Bag Lover,

This year I am excited to share with you my VERY favorite trends popping up all over the runways and tabloids. I’ll get to that below… However, my advice when looking for frugally fabulous bags would be to save a day where you can spend some time in Ross, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, or TJ MAXX. In order to find REALLY great steals, you have to commit the time to search through the racks! I tend to stay away from these stores on the weekends and try to use my lunch hour or days off to go during the day. You will thank yourself in the long run! And one key thing I’ve always known is that if you find a great buy and leave it to come back to it at a later time, odds are it won’t be there when you get back! Also, if you’re comfortable shopping online, I’d recommend going to sites like Baghaus, Lulus, or ASOS. These sites show different views (and close-ups) of the bag and usually have a model with the bag (for you to determine size). Anyways, I’ve attached my favorite looks this season and I hope it brings peace to your shopping experience. Talk to you soon! OX! – M


Two-Toned Satchels




Metallic/Studded/Sequin Clutches




Bold Shoulder Bags




White Totes & Satchels




Eco-Friendly Totes (always in style!)




Colorblocked Totes




Work Approved: Color Blocking

December 22, 2011

Professional since I came out of the womb, I’ve always found shortcuts to making  fashion ‘work’ within my 8-5 timeframe. While, some of us have it more lenient than others, there are always ways to pull off specific looks in the workplace.. if you’re careful! We know that color blocking is still here to stay and I’m rounding the edges here a bit to accommodate for all careers and work areas. Let’s get started!

Think PINK: When you want to show that edgy, girly side to your outfit, you want to make sure you’re balancing the outfit out with some neutral shades or common colored purse. I’m usually ALWAYS playing it safe when it comes to heels in the workplace, mainly because the funky-colored shoes are usually not as comfortable. I stay towards the low-inch, chunky-heel, wedge category for work. So far, no complaints! Here’s a little nudge to your inner girly. I’ve always loved bow ties on men. I think it’s such a classic and trendy look.. and then thought, “What about us LADIES?!” Who’s to say that girl’s can’t pull off men’s wear better than.. well, MEN! Just poking fun, fellas! But.. Seriously, SHARE! :)

Think Pink
Think Pink by societyxchic featuring hair clip accessories



The Blues: I had to throw some pops of color in here, but by using a black/white scarf, you distract the mind of the variety of colors going on, which makes you look more pulled together! Not to mention some comfy loafers? I’m completely sold.

Have The Blues
Have The Blues by societyxchic featuring swatch watches

Mellow in Some Yellow: When you want to be noticed, but not look like a clown, I’m finding yellow is the “it” color this season (a more mustard yellow to be exact). Here you can see that instead of pairing yellows with neutrals and browns, I’m trying something a little different. I, for some reason, think of the sea with this piece by piece. It’s playful, yet classy, and based around one solid color. Try finding one color that you absolutely LOVE and work your way around with it. Spend an extra 5 in the morning and try a new spin on your color blocking skills.

Mellow In Some Yellow
Nudie Pants: And finally to those who play it safe an awful lot, a nude (slightly) color-blocked outfit for your inner rebel. If you’re not yet comfortable colorblocking at work, try using your jewelry to get your feet wet. Even suspenders that can be hidden in the morning (with a jacket) and shown off later in the day when you’ve had your 3:30 coffee fix and are feeling ready to conquer some paperwork! :)
Nudie Pants


So there you have it, ladies! A few outfits to tie you over for the holidays! Be sure to always check with your HR department to find out the specifics of your dress code. If you’re not sure, email something you’d like to wear and see if it’ll fly. You never know until you ask! I hope this season we’re all given a little courage to pull off something more daring than these looks! After all, not all of us fetch coffee for the editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue and are not given the opportunity to make outfit statements everyday, so try using your 8-5 as an opportunity to test the waters! As always, send me your looks using hashtag #SocietyChic. ox - M
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