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Velvety Goodness

October 31, 2011

I have to admit that I’m ultimately excited about trying two different fabrics that are brewing back to the surface: Velvet and Corduroy. While my heart is split between the two, I’m leaning more towards the Velvet. Mostly, I’m overjoyed that I’ll be able to pull off a few work-appropriate looks, with the ability to wear jeans in disguise. It’s a happy medium no one can understand, but here are a few for starters! Enjoy and let me know if you come across a pair that you absolutely LOVE (comfort and price!). Xx, M.

Sweater Session

October 31, 2011

This fall, I’ve had my eye on the “Grandma” sweater trend. The stitching, the patterns, the sequins.. I feel as though, at any moment, my inner Bill Cosby is going to just come bursting through the doors! Let’s face it, while we all love our PINK hoodies (dare we give them up) you need something more appropriate for a chilly date or the workplace! I’ve found a few great (and affordable) sweaters that you MUST add to your wardrobe this season. Depending on the weather, pair one with a white button down (collar out), skirt & tights or go for an edgy look with some foil jeans (in order to not overdue the look, I’ll cover that in another post). Either way, pay tribute to the ¬†Huxtable’s. They deserve it! And PLEASE, don’t forget to add the color! – Mel


Happy Birthday + Mixing Metals

October 30, 2011

Hello, World! Today we are one day old. I hope you’ll take the time to find our “About Us” page to get better aqquainted. We’re so excited to share, laugh, create, and discuss with you guys! This journey means more to us than you’ll ever know! Please feel free to touch base with us! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr. Drop us a line sometime & say “Hello” back!

So, how are you getting prepared for the holidays? While we all dig through our closets to find those dreaded “holiday” jeans post-Black Friday, there are so many great trends out there we need to experience! Today I’ll (Melissa) be covering our Mixed Metals edition. You’ve seen them around. The chunky necklaces that some pull off so nicely and you wonder “How do I find a look that’ll keep me out of competition with my Christmas tree?” It’s all about balancing out your look. When dealing with chunky necklaces, minimal is key! I’ve shared a few pictures below of an outfit I put together around one of my favorites (and under $50, too!) You’ll find that most of my posts will be about finding the very BEST (and chic) looks for very, very less! Please leave me your thoughts on what you’re wearing this season. I cannot WAIT to interact with you all!

(TJ Maxx Shirt, Macy’s Shorts, Forever21 Belt, Charlotte Russe Necklace and Heels*, Vintage Clutch) *Not Pictured



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