Splurge or Steal

Hey Dolls! It’s been awhile! I feel like part of me has been missing.. kinda like leaving your favorite red lipstick at home. Just doesn’t feel right. Your SC family has been on a small hiatus, due to a ton of work and new career challenges.. for us all. BUT we’re back and better than ever! So let’s get on to the good stuff..

Prada has done it again! Coming from their Spring 2012 highlights, they’ve stolen the spotlight with patent leather, neon peep-toes! They. are. to. die. for! See for yourself…

So, after you’ve picked up your jaw from the floor.. I want to tell you where you can get the same look for a lot less (Neon Prada pumps go for a measly $720.00.. pocket change!), so I’ve picked two online stores that are relatively close in comparison. We’re well aware that Urbanog.com and lulus.com are my go-to sites for finding items at a steal. So i’m going to let you decide. Who do you think took to the challenge better?

Lulus.com:  price at $29.00



Urbanog.com: priced at $25.60



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125 Comments on "Splurge or Steal"

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