Who is Society Chic?


[one_half] We are a jack-of-all-trades kind of blog. Four completely opposite individuals whose world’s collide into something so profound. The brave, fearless, and off-the-wall writers of Society Chic are Melissa San Vicente, Marti Martin, Jessie “Noche” San Vicente, and Adrian “Waffy” Gee. While you’ll find just about everything on our site, from fashion to home decor, runway to urban trends, app and beauty reviews, you’ll find that Society Chic is the “sweet n’ [/one_half][one_half_last] sour” your life has been missing all along. Click your way through the page and read more below to get to know us on an individual level. Send emails, ask questions, give us reviews and feedback of your own! We want to hear all the things that we haven’t. We thank you all for your unconditional love and support. We hope that you’ll sit down, buckle up, and enjoy this ride as we journey through this world as a team.. a Society. Cheers! [/one_half_last]



Melissa San Vicente

Founder & Editor of Society Chic

A graphic designing, social networking, frugal fashioning, promotion loving, positive thinking, nothing-is-gonna-stop-my-shine kind of girl. Born in the Windy City, Melissa finds beauty in art, music and the people she’s fortunate enough to interact with. Her constant need for critiquing has become a comical nuisance to those around her! She lives for the release of the next red-bottomed pump, like any fashionista would. A clearance rack searching, thrift loving, nail polish fanatic with the notion that just about anything can be DIY. Along with the rest of world, she’s just living this life to its capacity. And, we know what you’re thinking.. that name is a mouth-full. But practice makes perfect, you know?

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Jessie “Noche” San Vicente

Writer for Society Chic

A fresh and vibrant individual, with a strong forward thinking sense of design and urban trends. Noche was born “Jessie San Vicente” on a beautiful summer day in Chicago. Living up to his nickname, this man breathes, works, and dreams of the night life. He Finds beauty in simplicity, and any thing as simple as a fresh pair of kicks with the graphic tee to match. Born without the brain-to-mouth filter, he calls it like he sees it, but never disregards the need of the masses. To him, life is an inside joke, laughing with the friends and family that are fortunate enough to get his humor. Ready for the revolution with a torch in his hand, Jays on his feet… Dope is as Dope does!

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Marti Martin

Writer for Society Chic

Marti Martin is a twenty-something year old with a passion for life. Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida. Marti makes a living creating quite fetching designs for the Knock Knock Factory. She has an interested in pretty much everything, seriously, sometimes it’s confusing. Marti has had the opportunity to travel over to Europe and take a four-month stent out in the Bay Area of California. (Where it took her three tries to pass the California written drivers license test, shhh.) Since her father is her hero, she has the urge to learn everything possible, just like him. Music & art keep her blood pumping. Thrift stores and sidewalks are her second home. If your ever in downtown St. Petersburg Florida, you might just run into her.

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Adrian “Waffy” Gee

Writer for Society Chic

“Waffy Gee” began his arrival upon this earth with sirens wailing and a need to command attention in the great land of Texas, but moved his greatness to the sunshine state of Florida at a young age. Waffy found his niche early in life, and while watching an episode of Barney & Friends at the age of three he rapidly deduced that who ever styled these children was quite obviously and unapologetically on some kind of hallucinogen. Since then he has honed his unique style and currently inhabits the city of Orlando spreading his essence of beauty and his phenomenal greatness. Currently he manages to go to school part-time as well as work a part-time retail job all while trying to make a name for himself as an aspiring actor, model, photographer, and all around amazing human being. Oh he’s a bit full of himself as well.

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