Is that hand-drawn leopard print on your shoes?

Why, yes, yes it is.

So it took me a couple of hours on deciding if I really wanted to share this gem of a website with our readers. (I’m selfish sometimes)
But, I finally decided that this website is just too good to not share with you all!

I give to you Slipoffs!

This site does CUSTOM hand drawn designs on blank shoes of your choice! The drawings are so profesh, it’s insane. It doesn’t look like a 5 year old had a hayday with your white vans. The artwork done on each pair is completely custom and magnificently done!

The woman behind the site is Shauna Mae Luedtke. Who is also a graphic designer, you can see her design work here.

Some of the basics about Slipoffs:

- $300 for the custom design and shoes (custom work is worth it!)
- Every pair is completely custom!
- The artist will work one-on-one with you, for perfect artwork
- Any canvas shoe can be drawn on
- She can ship anywhere in North America
- If you have a pair of shoes you can send them and get $50 off.

Want some eye candy? Check out the photos below, or  whole gallery here.
(It was so hard to not put the WHOLE gallery on here. Seriously, check the gallery!)
custom PF Flyers with hand drawn bicycle pattern

custom shoes with Van Gogh

custom shoes with Van Gogh

Eastern and western hemispheres hand-painted on custom vans

custom painted vans with famous japanese waves image

Custom Converse shoes with hand-painted drum kit

Custom painted TOMS with vibrant roses design

Custom TOMS shoes with Zebra & Leopard Print Design

Custom-painted scene on TOMS shoes

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