June 1, 2012


Alright tweekers if you haven’t already jumped on the Instagram bandwagon then there’s no hope for you. Honestly, everyone and their mother is on it now, which means that everyone thniks they’re a photographer. Le sigh. It’s actually quite annoying. Also, I do have to say that as an iPhone user I am a bit prejudiced, and feel a little violated that the Android users can now partake in the instafun!

Anyways, amongst the pictures of food, kittens, and half naked hipster girls there are quite a couple of gems that shine brightly for fashion tweekers. Unlike most other social networking websites/apps that exist, I actually find use for the Instagram. You see, the thing is that I don’t understand why people have to constantly update their statuses or check into their waxing appointments etc. and want to share that kind of information with the world. Honestly I could care less that your hoo-hah is freshly waxed, or that your girlfriend left you for someone with a better credit score. I’ve always been a somewhat disinterested person unless it has to do with me.

As most of us know the Instagram let’s you upload pictures, and add old timey effects to them to give them that perfect vintage vibe. It’s also a great tool for us fashionistas to upload the trends that we love, as well as get style inspiration!

I’ve discovered many a great accounts that fulfill my fashion fix better than anyone could imagine. Here’s just a couple:





QPCollections (they offer handmade neckties and bow ties that I must get my hands on! )


Also, the other day I had one of my insomnia ridden Stumble Upon sessions and stumbled upon this ultra chic website called Printstagram, that lets you print out the pictures that you have on the Instagram. Now you can share those awesomely artistic pictures of your cooking, yourself holding your phone in front of the bathroom mirror, or those sunsets in many different forms. Amongst the items you can transfer your pictures onto are t-shirts, mini booklets, stickers, and old people. No not old people. I think that may be illiegal.

Anyways, I have yet to try this out, but as soon I start taking pictures of things other than my Kim Kardashian impressions I shall print something out. For more details in prices and such check out the website. Printstagram. And if any of you fashion tweekers happen to purchase any prints let us know how they turned out.

Picture 3
Picture 2
Picture 5
Picture 4


That is all.

Also, follow me on the Instagram: Waffy

That is all.

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    • Reply Mathew October 12, 2013 at 2:05 AM

      Uwielbiam Cię Alice, jesteś zdecydowanie nalpejszą polską blogerką bez dwf3ch zdań, a teraz to już światową. Kocham to jak wykreowałaś swf3j własny styl, nosisz się z klasą i oryginalnie, wszystko dopracowane i zapięte na ostatni guzik. Dobrze, że odeszłaś z polskiego “szafiarskiego światku”, bo to co się teraz dzieje to porażka. Maff i Jess na Pudelku pozujące przy ściankach na premierach pełnych celebrytf3w i wrzucają na siebie co tylko popadnie. Ty jesteś ponad to, pięknie rozwinęłaś skrzydła i swf3j styl. No i w końcu założyłaś Tumblra! :)

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