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Mugler Madness

June 28, 2012

Ok so I am pretty much in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/anything that Nicola Formichetti does because:

A) He’s everything

2) He’s the creative director for Theirry Mugler

D) He’s like, Gaga’s bestie!

Anywho. I’m always excited to see what he puts together for Mugler’s shows and of course he did not disappoint w/his latest showing in Paris. Ladies and gentlemen, Paris is burning and Nicola is serving us some Fifth Element realness here.



All in all I am living for this line and must own every piece of it. If there’s anyone who can make this happen please do so. You can find my contact info in the about us page. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

That is all.

Waffys Word: Suit Up!

May 15, 2012


Alright tweekers we’ve all been MIA for a while. We apologize for that, but we’re all slowly getting back into the groove of things so expect some amazing posts in the coming weeks.
This post is long over due, and frankly I couldn’t be more dipleased with myself for not posting about this subject sooner. This post is all about suits! If I’ve learned anything during my Netflix marathons of How I Met Your Mother, it’s that every man should own a suit.

The most important men in history have sported suits. Barrack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Mr. Magoo, and also Pee Wee Herman. Without a good suit you do not exist. Suits are everything and if you don’t own at least one, kill yourself. Just Kidding. Don’t do that. I may be held responsible for involuntary manslaughter.
Anyways, I’m going to keep it short and simple and highlight certain points from a GQ post that I read a while ago.

The Cheat Sheet
• A suit’s gotta fit right or it isn’t worth wearing.
• In order to make sure that it does fit right, find yourself a good tailor.
• You’ll never go wrong wearing at two-button suit with a fairly narrow lapel. It’s both classic and completely modern.
• Flat-front, relatively trim pants; very little break at the ankle.
• You should be able to easily cup your hands beneath the hem of the jacket; if you can’t, it’s too long.
• Show some cuff. It’s the mark of a (well-dressed) gentleman.
• Dress with the season—cotton suits in summer; tweeds, flannels, and corduroys in winter.
• If you’re going to wear a patterned suit, keep the patterns subtle. You want a smart suit, not a kooky one.
• If you ever can afford to get a bespoke suit, get one made. It’s worth every penny.

Check out the rest of this GQ post.
And as our fellow brother Barney Stinson would say. Suit up tweekers!
That is all.

Sweet Charity

April 18, 2012


Well, it’s been ages since I’ve posted, please forgive me tweekers. It’s been hectic for a while now and I finally have some time to write a legit post to inform all of you of all the chicness that’s been happening. Between actually working, and handling adulthood I’ve been kind of out if it. I’m sure many of you checked out Melissa’s post detailing our first ever GQ Night. Hopefully next year we’ll get an even bigger turnout.

Moving on to matters of the present lets get real here tweekers. Being chic is not only about keeping up to date with the latest trends, but also about giving back to the community. Nothing says chic like a good charitable cause. Recently I met someone who works at a local thrift store that I frequent and she gave me the tea about a fundraiser she’s put together. It’s equal parts fashion and charity, with an all around dose of chicness.

The event is called Art Angels, and what it is, is an event to raise money and donate art supplies for a program called Through Angels Eyes. The program is an art therapy program for children with terminal illnesses and their families. As best stated by TAE “Sadly some children will never be old enough or healthy enough to go to school, and make countless works of art for the refrigerator. For those families (Through Angles Eyes) art therapy program steps in to ensure that each child becomes the artist in one gentle way or another.”

The event will be held at Stigma Tattoo Bar in downtown Orlando on April 21st, 2012. All that is asked is to make a monetary, or art supply donation. When you donate you will be given a raffle ticket, and there will be prizes given throughout the night donated by local businesses. Among other festivities that will be going on will be live body painting, a live art show, and two Dechoes Resale fashion shows.

Trust me this is an even worth going to. I got to preview the clothing that will be shown, and it’s everything. Think Absolutley Fabulous with a punk edge. Very Edina and Patsy meets the Sex Pistols.

For those of you who can’t attend an event unless alcohol is involved then you’ll be happy to hear about the drink specials. There wll be $2 Smirnoff specialty shots, given out by the body painted models. Half of the proceeds will be donated to the art therapy program, so your Lohanism is actually being encouraged.

The fundraiser begins at 9pm with catering from 9-11 and ends at 2am. It will be held at Stigma Tattoo Bar in downtown Orlando and is 21+ only. Stigma is located at:

17 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32801

If you cannot be in attendance you can make contributions to the program via their website.

And none of this would be possible without the vision of Sierra Missed who put the event together.

Remember to give back tweekers. It’s our duty as trendsetters to have people follow in our good doing. We are the messiah. Or not, whatever.

That is all.

Babe Walker Writes the Story of Our Lives

March 26, 2012



Okay, so here’s the deal tweekers. I’ve been sort of MIA this past week and a half because I’ve actually had to work. And by work I don’t mean standing around smiling, and looking pretty (which is what my jobs usually consist of) but actual work that made me glisten (because I refuse to sweat.)

Who knew that having a job would require any effort on my part? My angst can best be describe by the title of a chapter of a book that I am currently reading entitled, White Girl Problems chapter 21 “Every job I’ve ever had is the worst job I’ve ever had.”

Yes, this triumphant memoir of one Babe Walker truly speaks to me, and has inspired this post. You see another reason I’ve been MIA is because I was reading this book to review for this post. I fell completely behind schedule last week and wasn’t able to finish on time, due to the slave labor I had to complete.

Babe Walker, is a fearless woman with whom I have fallen in love with over the past couple of months. I started following her twitter account at some point in 2011 and then learned that she would be publishing her memoirs in 2012.

She speaks to the privileged/daunted/troubled white girl in all of us. Only Babe would know what true problems some of us have to face. From never knowing her mother, to having a best friend that we love/hate, to finding love in all the wrong places, and scaring off potential suitors. Babe knows and has been through it all.

In the book you will find such heroing stories such as the time when Babe gained two pounds and had to run on the freeway to get to her therapists office in order to vent. Also you’ll learn all about her labiaplasty, and how she lost her virginity to her gay best friend.

Among other things, you’ll also get to experience the great artist that Babe is. The book includes sketches drawn by Ms. Walker that depict her outfits of choice for certain occasions.

I recommend this book to any fashionista who has ever endured life’s true hardships, like the time that your alter ego completely made a fool out of you for a week, or the time that you hit rock bottom at a fitting room at Barneys, and had to check into rehab.




Book links available on her website

That is all.

Tank Me Later

February 22, 2012

Puns are fun….

Anywhoooo, hello tweekers! So let me start by venting a bit about the weather in Florida right now. About a week or two ago the weather was beyond freezing. I mean seriously I could have cut a diamond in half with my…… uhhh never mind. Anyway since then it’s been quite loverly outside and I’ve been able to break out my summer tanks.

As with every passing season I must purchase new items to maximize my wardrobe. Lucky that as I was perusing the online I came across some great finds!

Tilly’s is having a great sale. Select Tanks on $16.99 and some sale tanks are at a low of $9.97

These are some of the tanks available for just $9.97
shop tillys

And these are some of the tanks available for $16.99


Just head on over to the Tilly’s website or go to your local store!

That is all.

Waffy’s Word: Fragrance Galore

February 12, 2012


Tweekers, I must discuss a serious issue with you all. It’s called your scent. By “your scent” I don’t mean YOU, YOU. I mean “you” as in the general population. I’m not saying that you smell bad, or that you smell at all. You see what I’m trying to get at is that your scent matters.

Let’s get real here, no one likes someone who smells like the trash that’s been sitting in the dumpster on the hottest of summer days in the middle of rural Arizona. We’ve all been in that awkward position where we must decide if it’s socially acceptable to spray some kind of pleasant body spray on a stranger who is making your eyes water and making children cry. On the one hand the stranger may be offended, on the other hand you may be doing mankind a favor. AND then on the other hand that you mutantly grew there’s the sad realization that by spraying down the ogre of smells, you just added to the smell so now it smells like a rotting turtle corpse with a dash of body spray and a hint of lime.

Now, you may encounter those people who say that you should have a bevy of odors to choose from, and while in theory this might seem like a good idea I consider it to be stupid. My stance on this matter is that as guy you should have a memorable scent.

My collection of cologne never exceeds more than three scents. Now you may be asking “Waffy why you so selective?” and to you my dear reader I say “Shut up and let me finish!”

First of all I believe in leaving behind something to remember you by. I’m not telling you to lather yourself in cologne and turn into that moron who stinks up the place. I’m saying that if you have the right scent, there will be a certain smell to you. I’m pretty sure I’m not lying when I say that scent is the number one memory trigger. It’s psychology. Or I may be lying about that. Whatever. Anyway whenever someone smells that scent they will be reminded of you. Now whether that memory is good or bad really depends on how big a tool you are.

Moving on, I picked the number three because

A)   I felt like it, this is my post so I’ll do what I well please

2.) It seemed like a good number at the time

d.) I really meant to say two. Just two scents.

Two scents because I usually have a “daily” scent, which is what I wear everyday during the day. Then I have a “night” scent, which is reserved for when I go out. As fitting my “daily” scent is a lighter scent than my “night” scent. I tend to wear lighter scents because I feel that they’re more approachable (even though I hate being approachable) but you should always wear one that suits you best. Stay away from scents that are too strong on the nose, as those tend to be really annoying for those around you.

Remember the key here is to be memorable, not protruding with scent. I spray my neck, once on the chest, and once on a wrist then rub with the other. This creates a great equilibrium of smell. Never has anyone complained that I’m wearing too strong a cologne. Many times I’m asked what I’m wearing, but you should never reveal the exact scent that you chose for the day. It leaves an air of mystery. Or pretentiousness. Whatever.

Hope this helped make your life a tad less peasantly. And yes I am aware that I keep using words that are not found in the English lexicon. I don’t care, it’s my ppst and I’ll make things up if I want to.



That is all.

Waffy’s First Piece-by-Piece

January 25, 2012

Hello tweekers! I’m gonna try to do a piece by piece and hopefully I don’t mess it up like I do everything else in life. So as I was perusing the online a couple of days ago I came across a photo spread that Justin Theroux did for GQ back in October.


Pretty much he’s channeling Al Pacino in Serpico, therefore I tried to channel Justin channeling Al. Yep we’re all on first name basis.

Anywhoooooo, just a tad bit of advice for all you tweekers. When in doubt of what to wear, surf the online and find pictures of your favorite celebs and try to put together outfits that resemble theirs. Chances are you’ll have something strikingly similar already that you can work with.


All the things I’m wearing in the picture I had stowed away in my closet just yearning to be worn.

  • Shirt: Pacsun $15
  • Jeans: Pacsun $25
  • Boots: ALDO $67
  • Belt: I don’t remember where or how I got it stop questioning me!
  • Sunglasses: H&M $5

That is all.

From Catwalk to Sidewalk: Dsquared2

January 21, 2012

Greetings tweekers! After a week full of new adventures I’m finally able to sit down and write up a giddy little post for y’all! Okay, so let’s just get to it because I really have no filler material, and I don’t feel like coming up with anything because I’m lazy and I have ADHD , so I can’t be sitting here for too long.

Two of my favorite men in fashion are Dean and Dan Caten. These men are not only twin brothers but also the masterminds of their designer label, Dsquared2. The look we have today comes from their spring/summer 2012 line.

This is from Dsquared2 2011 Milan Fashion Week show

I’ve taken the look and broken it down for y’all and also found less expensive alternatives.

Blazer (you’ll want to splurge on this) :

  • From Moschino $290


  • From H&M $29.95


  • From H&M $12.95


  • From H&M $12.95


  • From ALDO $34.99

Well Tweekers there you have your fix for now. Remember that you ca always stray from the concept as far as colors are concerned. Instead of the pastel colored  jacket you can always do a navy blazer with a patterned or bold colored shirt underneath.


That is all.

Gilty Pleasure: Best Bets Under $50 and Other Friday Goodies

January 13, 2012

Hey tweekers! So I’m still trying to figure out how to bring you the best that Gilt has to offer, because if you’ve visited and joined the site you know that their sales start at noon and everything gets sold out quickly. Lets see if this approach works.

Ok so to start off let me just say that when you “preview” the sales beforehand rprices aren’t posted and sometimes only a couple items or promotional work is shown.

On Friday 1/13/2012 these are the sales that commence.
Best bets under $50:

As described on the site “Our roundup of great picks under $50 is all about elevating your style without devastating your wallet. So whether you’re looking to fill a gap in your wardrobe — or to rebuild it entirely — we’ve got what you need to kit yourself out without breaking the bank.”


orig-1The Basics Shop:

As described on the site “When it comes to building a great wardrobe, start with the basics. We’ve got a selection of go-to pieces here — from underwear and socks to shirts and dress shoes — that’ll set you on the road to a properly outfitted closet.”

Casual Friday:

As describe on the site “Gentlemen, for the sake of all that is good in this world, please heed our words: Casual Friday is not the time to bust out your billowy old chinos and a promotional polo shirt. It’s the time to show the workplace what you’re really made of — in a sartorial sense, of course. Get all the gear you need to do it right in this sale.”


Well tweekers, hope that helps satisfy your fix. Love that I can help enable your addictions. Remember rehab is for quitters.

-That is all.

Gilty Pleasure: Band of Outsiders

December 23, 2011

Hello tweekers!!! On todays post we feature Band of Outsiders. This brand is closely associated with young celebrities such as Rupert Grint and Tom Felton from the Harry Potter series as well as James Marsden and most importantly JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT!!! Ughhhh I LIVE FOR JGL!!! He’s like the pop to my tart, the sub to my way, the crack to my pipe. Yes I’m in love. I mostly chose to feature this brand because of him. I do a lot of things because of JGL. It’s like an abusive relationship except that he’s not aware that he’s being abusive. Actually he’s not aware we’re in a relationship. It’s okay though, who needs acknowledgement in order to love? Obv not me!

Anyway I digress here’s just a couple of picks from what Gilt Men is featuring on their site that I absolutely live for.


Picture 1
First up is this seersucker schoolboy blazer for $399 (original: $900)

Reasons I live for this blazer:

  • It reminds me of Carlton from the Fresh Prince
  • I want to do the Carlton Dance in it.
  • It also reminds me of the Polo scene in Pretty Woman
  • Feeling connected to Julia Roberts and Carlton Banks with one item of clothing= I win


Picture 2

Next is this pair of drawstring shorts for $169 (original $625)

Who lives for short shorts?!! I LIVE for short shorts!!


Picture 3

They also have a variety of embroidered belts for $199 (originally $410)

Its’s like your wearing a poisonous snake around your waste.


Picture 5

I’m SOOOO excited about the ties that they carry. This one is silk for $59 (originally $130)

I LIVE LIVE LIVE for skinny ties. I love for my ties to be as anorexic as possible. I’m so into the heroin chic look.


Picture 4

EEEEEEEEE!!! THEY HAVE BOWTIES priced at $49 (originally $105)

Everyone who is ANYONE knows how much I love bow ties. I’d give up my first born if someone gave me a lifetime supply of designer bow ties. No joke that baby would be gone. They could take the other kids too. I’m not particularly fond of children. What ever.

Hurry up and sign up to Gilt if you haven’t already to take advantage of these amazeball sales.

That is all.


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