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TOTW: Must-Have Instagram Apps

June 17, 2013

Hey, lovelies! Happy Monday! It’s almost bed time for this girl right here. I’ve been getting a lot of messages from you creative genius’ out there asking how on EARTH I add so many cool filters, typography and handwriting to my Instagram photos (if you’re not following me on Instagram, what are you waiting for?!). I wanted to share some of my favorite pre-Instagram apps that really get my creative juices flowin’.. I’m sure there are a thousand apps out there to use that get you more followers, help with hashtags and that sort – but we’re keeping it strictly creative here. PLEASE, If you have any that you love equally as much, share them with the world and our Society Chic followers in the comments above! Happy Filter-Typograp-Cropping!

Krop Circle

Krop Circle is an app that allows you to import a photo that gets “cropped” into different shapes. You’ll see that this gorgeous, amazing, ever-so-sparkly ring is cropped into a heart. With just the free version you only have access to a circle, but with a small purchase you get shapes like skulls, numbers, triangles, birds, etc.

A+ Signature

A+ Signature is pretty self explanatory. it allows you to put your “signature” on any image. I opted for the A+ version because it allows you to add more than one signature. You’re free to use your own handwriting instead of using funky type. My handwriting isn’t the best, but it definitely gives my images a personal touch! You’re also able to add type to your images in a SLEW of different fonts.


VSCO Cam is a pretty over-all-amazing app that is made for iPhoneagraphers and people who really just love them some good photography. It’s simple interface allows you to use preset packs (colors, faded to black and white, etc), adjust exposure and focus, lighting, you name it! It’s got all the bells and whistles that a DSLR could give you that an iPhone never will. You’ll just have to see this one to believe it!


Picfx I’m sure is nothing new, but I still wanted to bring it up as one of my favorites. Instagram does a great job of keeping their filters fine-tuned, but with Picfx your possibilities are really endless. With options to add filters on top of filters, it can become quit crazy, but a good 2-3 is ideal depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. There are a few folders that contain Bokeh and textures, too!


One of my recent favorites and probably the one I get asked most about is Over. Over is an app that allows you to place different kinds of type and art on images to create really amazing photo/typography mashes. As someone who looks at type all day long and get thrills out of kerning some good type, it was nice to see a typographic app come along that really gives A+ a run for it’s money. I frequently use both, but Over holds a soft spot in my heart for sure. You can adjust charters, fonts, colors, alignment, the list goes on. It’s really the go-to app for creative people on the go!

A few others that aren’t listed in detail but are loved just as much:
Diptic – when Instagram’s standard square just isn’t going to cut it
Camera+ – Another pretty good “don’t-feel-like-using-the-iphone-camera” camera
LetterFx – Another crop type app, only using letters! (imagine squishing your face inside the word “LOVE” or “SWAG” – you catch my drift.

*Sidenote: I know that these are mainly iPhone apps and I regret to inform you that I don’t know a TON of apps for android – but feel free to list the ones that you like if you’re in the Android family!

Happy Birthday + 1

November 21, 2012
Society_Chic17 copy

….Happyyyy Birthdayyy Dear Society Chic! Happy Birthday to us!
Holy Cow! It’s already been an exciting year for us here at Society Chic! We’re officially a year old. We’re so lucky to have the support of our friends & followers. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated! We strive to keep bringing you great fashion, drool-worthy foodie, top-notch beauty, savvy techie, and all-around anything articles. We’re another year older – and wiser! We hope you’ll stick with us as we merge into the new year with more ideas and fresh posts!

Right now, we’re going to take you back to our very first photoshoot with Raku Photography in Downtown St. Petersburg! Check out these never before seen outtakes – ENJOY! ox, M.


TOTW: Go-To’s | Drugstore Edition

July 19, 2012
Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 5.53.22 PM

My friends can tell you that I’m a major drugstore junkie. I don’t know how it began.. and I couldn’t tell you why – but I do know that it’s become pretty handy to know the “go-to” stuff around the isles. I find that I sometimes get myself into predicaments (more often than not) where I’ll leave my make-up bag at home on unexpected and important days. Not like weddings or special occasions. More like after work networking events, happy hour and the like. Things I probably wouldn’t remember until I got to work and saw it lying there on my calendar written in multi-colored sharpie. Anyways, who has the extra cash to haul themselves to Sephora and buy brand name stuff on a whim? Certainly not me and certainly not in the time crunch I usually find myself in. Long story short (is it EVER a short story): Drug Store Make-up. Not only are some of these items on my daily “go-to” list, I find that they’re extremely cheap and worth having around as back-ups when the good stuff goes missing (or is left at home). I’ve marked up my top 12 must-haves, drug store edition. Enjoy!

Revlon: Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
This has somewhat of a minty feel to it, but the color is great! It’s super soft chapstick that meets toned-down pigment. Love!



Physicians Formula: Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush
Call me a liar, but this stuff has some serious placebo in it. I think it’s the cuteness of the hearts and shimmer that does it for me. It’s not too much shimmer, so that you don’t look like a disco ball – but just enough.



Rimmel London: Natural Bronzer
This has a very good sheerness to it. Lightly pigmented and won’t rub off on your blouse!



E.L.F. Studio: Cream Eyeshadow
While you might only find this at Target or online, I find that this cream shadown works wonders for only being 3 bucks! I’ll sometimes use it as a base for the higher pigmented shadows – makes them really pop off the lid.



Rimmel London: Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer
I’ve been using this stuff for sometime now. I find it’s one of the only liners that won’t wear away or smear by 5:00pm. Comes with a small smudger stick at the bottom – which is GREAT for happy hour!



COVERGIRL: LipPerfection™ Lipcolor
Aside from my NARS’ Schiap lipstick, I swear by this stuff. It’s got pigment and a softness that you just wouldn’t believe. I carry one in my purse and one at work for emergencies! This gets my daily-dose stamp of approval. My daily color is in “Spellbound” – You’re welcome.

L’Oreal Paris: Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara
Another one that has my “daily-dose” stamp of approval is this gem right here. Something about the double duty wands that make my lashes stand at attention. If you’re not washing your face everynight (shame shame), then this may not be a good choice for you. You’ll need the water to soak off the mascara and you’ll notice it comes off like little specs of dirt. Very easy to use and can be played up from day-to-night.



Wet n Wild: Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner
Colored liner for 3 bucks? Do it.



Revlon: PhotoReady™ Liquid Foundation • SPF 15
I’ve been staying into the swing of my SPF. As we age, it’s one of the most important things we can do to keep our skin from aging/sunspots. This photoready foundation is great for going out or special events (when you forget the good stuff at home). It still has some SPF, but has total coverage for when you need it. Be careful not to pile this on.. no one likes a cake face. :(

Neutrogena: Healthy Skin Compact Makeup • SPF 55
Another one that I’ve found really helpful is the SPF 55 Healthy Skin Compact. It’s very soft and not as heavy as the PhotoReady. This one is more for daily use, not so much full-coverage.



E.L.F. Studio: Make-up Brushes
I made the mistake of ordering my brushes online once and was brushless for WEEKS. I snagged these at Target and really love them! The blush brush and powder brush are my faves!



COVERGIRL: Outlast Lipstain
This one has yet to steer me wrong. People always tell me “But Neutrogena’s Lip Stain comes with a balm stick at the bottom” – right. But if we’re talking about a lipstain – and just a stain – then this is the one you need!



L’Oreal: Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner
Last but not least, liquid eyeliner! Think of this one like a skinny felt tip marker. Very easy to apply and lasts a good while. Like any liquid liner, you’ll want to be careful around the lashes and double up at the corners.



Well, that about covers it! be sure to leave your “go-tos” in the comments section so we can share. Happy drug store shopping!

TOTW: Mind Your G’s and Q’s

March 29, 2012

Hey, Society! Bigs news! For a recent collab with, a successful promotion company in Tampa Bay, we’re sponsoring gift cards for the best dressed girl and guy at the Dynasty Events’ annual GQ party, being hosted at The Hyde Park Cafe! I’ve attached the official flyer below and I hope you’ll join myself & the rest of the Society Chic team, along with the Dynasty Events family for a fashionable night to remember! Come dressed in your best because yours truly will be a judge for the winners! You can get on the FREE guestlist by heading to and putting yourself on Melissa San Vicente’s guestlist.

Inspired by the GQ party, and with GQ in general, we decided to compile a few looks for the night out. Along with our looks, we’ve written a few commandments that men MUST live by when dressing for the nightlife. To avoid a Debbie Downer and to reap the benefits for guaranteeing yourself in the club (as opposed to being sent home for dress code), we advise you to stick with our guidelines and they’ll never steer you wrong!

Ten Commandments of Nightlife Attire:

  1. Dress-up: You can never be overdressed, and if you feel out of place, at least you’re the best dressed.
  2. Denim: keep your denim choices limited to a dark wash and fitted/straight leg style. Colored pants are fine, depending on your outfit, so choose wisely. 
  3. Minimize: having bulky pockets are a no-no. Keep only the essentials. Credit card, ID, spare cash in a small wallet.
  4. Soles: Don’t wear sneakers to a club. There’s a difference between fashion shoes and a beat-up pair of Air Force 1′s that you refuse to throw away. Also… wear flip-flops to a club and we’ll disown you. 
  5. Smell: Don’t wear too much cologne. No one wants to be intoxicated by your fumes.
  6. Ties: Do experiment with ties. They aren’t only for holidays. Ties can be used as your most bold accessory. Try out a color you’ve never tried before (lavender, magenta, mustard) or a pattern that you didn’t think would be “you” (paisley, geometric prints, plaid).
  7. Quality: Invest in a pair of quality shoes. Find a pair that suits you best, and have those as your “go to” shoe when you have no idea what to wear. 
  8. Keep it at the Shore: Bedazzled shirts and neon dragons (covering your tees) are out. Keep your shirts simple and ALWAYS ironed/steamed. Your look will always look more put-together with a crisp shirt.
  9. Bling: Don’t wear gaudy jewelry ie: big chains, overly chunky watches, golds in your mouth (unless you’re Flava Flav). Fist pumping just can’t be done if there’s a possibility of you injuring someone.
  10. Stay True: Have fun with your style. Look to the pages of GQ and find looks that you’d like to try out. Have a style that defines you and that makes you comfortable. Confidence is your best accessory, so if you’re not “feeling” your outfit, odds are it’ll show in your confidence. 
We hope you’ll keep this and use it as a guide on your next big event. And if you follow our rules and STILL get kicked out of a club for incorrectly dressing.. call us! We gladly accept the challenge. We hope to see you out there and we’ll be keeping a close eye on our faves! Good Luck!
Now, for some looks that’ll assure you to the front of the line.
Waffy’s pick:

Noche’s pick:

Melissa’s pick:

Thing of the Week: I’m on a Boat (Shoes That Is)

March 11, 2012

Well tweekers we’re well into our way into the spring season. For many, spring is a time of rejuvenation, as well as a time to enter a whole new spectrum of fashion. While living in Florida really doesn’t allow for much winter wear, spring is a completely different story.

This week we’ll be delving into our inner Wasp, and straight into our boat shoes. Yes, that’s correct the trend that has carried into mainstream fashion is no longer just for your grandfather and his drunken cronies.

Get ready to board your yacht and splash around in champagne, because these shoes will have you thinking you’re a Russian billionaire. (Even though you’re probably more in debt-ionaire than anything else.)

All of these shoes are brought to you by and under $100!!!

  1. $55 by Vans
  2. $90 by Florsheim
  3. $79.95 by Sperry
  4. $65 by Vans
  5. $80 by Sperry
  6. $62 by Vans
  7. $59 by Polo Ralph Lauren
  8. $75 by Sperry
  9. $77.99 by Kenneth Cole Reaction




So go get your boat fix now tweekers.

That is all.

Thing of the Week: Little White Dress

March 9, 2012

So.. you knew this was coming, right? Every girl should own a LBD (Little Black Dress, for those of you living under a rock), but what about the little white dress we’ve seen gracing the runways and streets? I know, if you’re anything like me, you’re already trying to figure out how to pull off this look without resembling a toddler in “Sunday’s best”. It’s a difficult trend to pull, but with the right elements -you’re bound to nail your favorite look. So for the TOTW (Thing of the Week.. you poor, deprived rock-living people), I’m giving all of my ladies a fair share of the very trendy LWD. I hope you’ll find that one of our looks fits your style to a T. Have an awesome weekend and remember.. light dress, light food! Wine comes in all different colors, you know? :) *thumbs up* Later, babes. - M

Work-Approved Doll:

Work Approved



Romantic Darling:




Boho Babe:

Boho Chic



Right Kinda Rocker:

Rocker Chic



Pretty in Prep:

All Prepped



Girl’s Night Out:

Girl's Night Out

TOTW: “Fake” ID

March 1, 2012

Hey chic-sters the weekend is almost here, and what better way to ensure that your having a good time then a”Fake” ID. But we’re not talking an illegitimate piece of forged government documents, no sir. Im talking about a few doppelgangers of some of your fondest Nike classics courtesy of our friends at NIKEID.

Now back in December I showed the wonders of NIKEID’s awesomely creative digital workshop. Now we are going to put that knowledge to good use creating some new designs inspired by the classic AIR Jordan 11 “Spacejams”. Make sure you have all components selected correctly to achieve the correct design.


First I thought I’d start with the Air Jordan 2012.

AJ 2012 spacejams
INSERT: Low in black
BASE & FLYWIRE: black/black
OVERLAY: In leather/black
SIDE LOGO: University Blue
LACE: black
OUTSOLE: Translucent/clear
TONGUE TOP ID: Jumpman/black



Next lets go with the Jordan Fly Wade.

FW spacejams
OUTSOLE: Translucent/clear



Onto the the Kobe VII System.

Kobe spacejam

Now, I know what your going to be thinking, Kobe isn’t Jordan as you will find no argument here lets remember this is a fashion blog and this is probably the closest he’s gonna get. I digress, so on to the spacejamming of the Kobe VII System.

MIDSOLE: white
SWOOSH: Game Royal
OUTSOLE: Translucent/clear

Lastly and probably one of my favorites in the set are the Air Max 90s Premium.

AM Spacejams
Solely for the fact that this template actually features a patent leather option,
the crowning jewel of the Air Jordan 11.

BASE: Ripstop/Black
MUDGUARD: Patent/Black
OVERLAY: Full-Grain Leather/Black
SWOOSH: Patent/Black
ACCENT: Black/Heritage Cyan
LACE: Black
MIDSOLE: White/White
OUTSOLE: Clear/White
LOGO: Heritage Cyan

There we go chic-sters, these “Fake” IDs are sure to turn some heads. Once again don’t be discouraged by the price on some these. Exclusivity/custom factors are defiantely coming to play but its way better that paying crazy sneakerhead riot prices for the originals, just saying. Stay fresh my friends and remember.

Dope is as dope does! -N.

Thing of the Week: Blazers on Gilt

February 16, 2012

Picture 1

So this week we’ll be combining “TOTW” with “Gilty Pleasure.”  This week we’ll be focusing on blazers, and it just so happens that Gilt is having an extravaganza right now and is offering a bevy of blazers!

Blazers are a staple in any fashion tweekers wardrobe. There’s many ways that a Blazer can be dressed up or dressed down, and it also adds another layer to your outfit, because we all know that when that withdrawal happens, it send all kinds of chills down our spines.

Here’s a couple of blazers that caught my eye.

1) Paul & Joe Homme. $499

This fitted two button black blazer can be considered the most essential of all. It’s classic look  accompanied with it’s modern fit are the perfect mix for any gentleman’s wardrobe.

2) John Varvatos. $649

I live for this style of blazer. It’s perfect to wear during the day and pair with a chic set of boots.

3) Hickey Velvet Blazer. $349

Anyone who is ANYONE knows that a velvet blazer is everything. The texture adds something different to the touch than say any other peasant of a blazer.

4)Jack Spade. $199

While it may look like a grandfathers sports coat lets not be quick to judge. This blazer is quite classic in it’s simplicity and if you’re like me then  a classic look is what you should strive for.

5) Tommy Hilfiger Suiting. $149

Okay so I absolutely live live live for this blazer. The tweed! The tweed! Oh how I live for the tweed. Takes me back to the Brady Bunch days when Greg and Marcia and Cindy and Peter were all like my friends. Oh how I miss Alice. Sigh.


Now some tips and suggestions on how to wear your blazers/jackets. I absolutely live to wear turtle necks under a blazer. There’s something just so vintage Hollywood about wearing a turtle neck under a jacket.

If you’re not so crazy about the turtle neck, go with a simple graphic tee underneath. Remember to keep it all about the simplicity so don’t go crazy w/the grapic printed on the tee.

There’s also always the default, button down underneath. It keeps your look sophisticated, and you may even want to wear a tie or bow tie. If you cant stand to wear a tie because it feels like your slowly being choked by fashion, then you can opt to loosen a button or two on your shirt.

Remember tweekers,Gilt sales don’t last long so act now and get your fix!

-That is all.

Thing of the Week: Four Eyes

February 9, 2012

Hey, guys! I hope your week has been just as exciting as mine has! As we continue to grow here at SC, we’re learning more about what it is that you love, what you could live without and the like. We thank you for your continued support and love. We ask for feedback, feedback, feedback! Message us, tweet us, throw tomatoes, whatever, we want to hear from you! I will continue to be the cheerleader for my team and so the majority of my posts will read similar to what you just read. Bare with me! :)

Getting back on track, I wanted to address one issue that I know a lot of us guys/girls face! Glasses. Contacts. Are you a ‘Four Eyes’? Fortunately for you, so am I. Every year, my vision gets progressively worse and until I am of age to get Lasik.. I’ll forever be stuck with the notion that I cannot just wake up, rub my eyes, and be able to see the clock! Every year, I am dreaded with the fact that I will have to carry my happy rump on over to my local LensCrafters, where a very nice and helpful guy/gal will attempt to tell me what it is that I’m looking for and what is “fashionable” in today’s market (as if trying on glasses in front of people isn’t hard enough). I’m all for customer service and getting help when needed, but you are WELL aware of your style and what you feel would fit best with your wardrobe. Not being able to see is hard enough! I feel your pain. So, anyways.. what happens to those of us who wear glasses everyday and are tired of having the same ONE pair of glasses for every outfit? If you’re anything like me, I know you’ve “dealt” with it because who really has the cash to be spending on designer frames (because we all know the ones our insurance covers are NOT cute)? My four-eyed friends, I give you Warby Parker and Lookmatic! Two amazing sites I’ve come across that have completely changed my frame shopping experience!

These sites take the dread out of dreadful and allow you try on your frames in the comfort of your own home! Not only are they VERY affordable (starting at 95$ INCLUDING lens and shipping.. kid you not) but they are durable and trendy!

Warby Parker is special in that you simply make an account and browse the collection. You’re then able to choose up to FIVE frames to have sent to your home. The shipping is free and you’re provided with a return label for sending back. There is a huge selection of frames and they’re categorized by men and women. I’ve attached a picture of what you’ll receive as well as the five different frames that i chose to try on. PLEASE (I’m begging) leave a comment on which you like best! I be sending them back tomorrow.. *sad face* (oh, and forgive my terrible hair and lack of make-up. work+class = overly tired mel)


Pair 1:

Pair 2: Were much (too much) hideous for my face shape and I decided to not have them as an option.. so sue me! :)

Pair 3:

Pair 4:

Pair 5:

So, I’m hoping you at least liked ONE pair!
Moving onto Lookmatic. This is a site that will allow you to virtually try on the frames by uploading a picture of yourself, aligning the L & R markers with your eyes, and shopping for frames virtually. You’re able to adjust and rotate the frames to fit perfectly. I’ve included some sample images below.




So, I hope this brought some insight to a different way of finding frames. Please let me know which frames you’ve picked out or if you’re going to use the service from our recommendation – we’d love to hear your experience! Have a really great weekend, babes!

ox – M

TOTW: Nike Air Huarache BBALL 2012 “WAH-RAH-CHAY”

January 27, 2012

What’s good chic-sters?!? Noche here with your “thing of the week” sneaker edition. So if you’ve been paying attention you’d recall me giving you the heads-up on some of newest kicks to come out this year one of them being the NIKE Air Huarache BBALL 2012. Its a funny name to a really dope shoe. Huarache pronounced “wah-rah-chay” is a mexican word that predates spanish colonization meaning leather woven sandal. Buts lets not get confused were not talking about flip-flops here, were talking about a truly innovative basketball shoe thats sure to keep you fresh on and off the court.


Air Huarache BBALL 2012
will be released February 1st in four different colorways starting at $115.
The hardest part will be deciding which one is right for you!



Colorway: White/Black-Volt-Wolf Grey
Product ID: 488054-100




Colorway: Black/Black-Varsity Royal
Product ID: 488054-004




Colorway: Black/Black-White
Product ID: 488054-001



varsity red/black

Colorway: Black/Black-Sport Red
Product ID: 488054-006


There you go chic-sters. Don’t snooze on these because like most the shoes featured here at the Society the exclusivity factor is crazy. Be sure to check out the NIKE store on the 1st of February to get your hands on them. Be safe out there and as always…

Dope is as dope does!


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