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The Fantastic Fours!

May 16, 2012

Don’t call it a come back! Whats good people? Noche Here with your fix for anything sneaker/urban/graphic related. Man its been a great year so far, and just like us the people over at Team Jordan are just barely scratching the surface with some crazy exclusives that will melt any sneakerhead’s heart.

With the retro Air Jordan 4s at the helm of this sneaker juggernaut, 2012 is shaping up to be one of the illest years for sneakers period. Now if you were one of the lucky ones you may have already copped the “cement” and “cavs” fours.






Air Jordan 4 “Cement”






Air Jordan 4 “Cavs”



But worry not my friends! Because this is just the tip of the iceburg. Team Jordan has announced many more retro releases for this year including 3 different Air Jordan 4 coloways! Mmmm TOASTY!


 Air Jordan 4: White/Grey/Military Blue

 Product ID: 308497-105
Release Date: 6/9/2012
MSRP: $160

Air Jordan 4: White/Fire Red/Black


Product ID: 308497-110
Release Date: 8/4/12
MSRP: $160

Air Jordan 4: Black/Cement/Fire Red


Product ID: Unavailable at the moment
Release: 9/2012
MSRP: $160

Just remember chic-sters, any and I do mean ANY Retro Air jordan 4(including the ones you see here) are limited release ONLY! So if your in a high volume urban area be sure to have your sleeping bag and gatorade handy because camping out might be your only way to get your hands on these gems. So happy hunting and as always stay fresh my friends and remember.

Dope is as dope does!


TOTW: Mind Your G’s and Q’s

March 29, 2012

Hey, Society! Bigs news! For a recent collab with, a successful promotion company in Tampa Bay, we’re sponsoring gift cards for the best dressed girl and guy at the Dynasty Events’ annual GQ party, being hosted at The Hyde Park Cafe! I’ve attached the official flyer below and I hope you’ll join myself & the rest of the Society Chic team, along with the Dynasty Events family for a fashionable night to remember! Come dressed in your best because yours truly will be a judge for the winners! You can get on the FREE guestlist by heading to and putting yourself on Melissa San Vicente’s guestlist.

Inspired by the GQ party, and with GQ in general, we decided to compile a few looks for the night out. Along with our looks, we’ve written a few commandments that men MUST live by when dressing for the nightlife. To avoid a Debbie Downer and to reap the benefits for guaranteeing yourself in the club (as opposed to being sent home for dress code), we advise you to stick with our guidelines and they’ll never steer you wrong!

Ten Commandments of Nightlife Attire:

  1. Dress-up: You can never be overdressed, and if you feel out of place, at least you’re the best dressed.
  2. Denim: keep your denim choices limited to a dark wash and fitted/straight leg style. Colored pants are fine, depending on your outfit, so choose wisely. 
  3. Minimize: having bulky pockets are a no-no. Keep only the essentials. Credit card, ID, spare cash in a small wallet.
  4. Soles: Don’t wear sneakers to a club. There’s a difference between fashion shoes and a beat-up pair of Air Force 1′s that you refuse to throw away. Also… wear flip-flops to a club and we’ll disown you. 
  5. Smell: Don’t wear too much cologne. No one wants to be intoxicated by your fumes.
  6. Ties: Do experiment with ties. They aren’t only for holidays. Ties can be used as your most bold accessory. Try out a color you’ve never tried before (lavender, magenta, mustard) or a pattern that you didn’t think would be “you” (paisley, geometric prints, plaid).
  7. Quality: Invest in a pair of quality shoes. Find a pair that suits you best, and have those as your “go to” shoe when you have no idea what to wear. 
  8. Keep it at the Shore: Bedazzled shirts and neon dragons (covering your tees) are out. Keep your shirts simple and ALWAYS ironed/steamed. Your look will always look more put-together with a crisp shirt.
  9. Bling: Don’t wear gaudy jewelry ie: big chains, overly chunky watches, golds in your mouth (unless you’re Flava Flav). Fist pumping just can’t be done if there’s a possibility of you injuring someone.
  10. Stay True: Have fun with your style. Look to the pages of GQ and find looks that you’d like to try out. Have a style that defines you and that makes you comfortable. Confidence is your best accessory, so if you’re not “feeling” your outfit, odds are it’ll show in your confidence. 
We hope you’ll keep this and use it as a guide on your next big event. And if you follow our rules and STILL get kicked out of a club for incorrectly dressing.. call us! We gladly accept the challenge. We hope to see you out there and we’ll be keeping a close eye on our faves! Good Luck!
Now, for some looks that’ll assure you to the front of the line.
Waffy’s pick:

Noche’s pick:

Melissa’s pick:

TOTW: “Fake” ID

March 1, 2012

Hey chic-sters the weekend is almost here, and what better way to ensure that your having a good time then a”Fake” ID. But we’re not talking an illegitimate piece of forged government documents, no sir. Im talking about a few doppelgangers of some of your fondest Nike classics courtesy of our friends at NIKEID.

Now back in December I showed the wonders of NIKEID’s awesomely creative digital workshop. Now we are going to put that knowledge to good use creating some new designs inspired by the classic AIR Jordan 11 “Spacejams”. Make sure you have all components selected correctly to achieve the correct design.


First I thought I’d start with the Air Jordan 2012.

AJ 2012 spacejams
INSERT: Low in black
BASE & FLYWIRE: black/black
OVERLAY: In leather/black
SIDE LOGO: University Blue
LACE: black
OUTSOLE: Translucent/clear
TONGUE TOP ID: Jumpman/black



Next lets go with the Jordan Fly Wade.

FW spacejams
OUTSOLE: Translucent/clear



Onto the the Kobe VII System.

Kobe spacejam

Now, I know what your going to be thinking, Kobe isn’t Jordan as you will find no argument here lets remember this is a fashion blog and this is probably the closest he’s gonna get. I digress, so on to the spacejamming of the Kobe VII System.

MIDSOLE: white
SWOOSH: Game Royal
OUTSOLE: Translucent/clear

Lastly and probably one of my favorites in the set are the Air Max 90s Premium.

AM Spacejams
Solely for the fact that this template actually features a patent leather option,
the crowning jewel of the Air Jordan 11.

BASE: Ripstop/Black
MUDGUARD: Patent/Black
OVERLAY: Full-Grain Leather/Black
SWOOSH: Patent/Black
ACCENT: Black/Heritage Cyan
LACE: Black
MIDSOLE: White/White
OUTSOLE: Clear/White
LOGO: Heritage Cyan

There we go chic-sters, these “Fake” IDs are sure to turn some heads. Once again don’t be discouraged by the price on some these. Exclusivity/custom factors are defiantely coming to play but its way better that paying crazy sneakerhead riot prices for the originals, just saying. Stay fresh my friends and remember.

Dope is as dope does! -N.

TOTW: Nike Air Huarache BBALL 2012 “WAH-RAH-CHAY”

January 27, 2012

What’s good chic-sters?!? Noche here with your “thing of the week” sneaker edition. So if you’ve been paying attention you’d recall me giving you the heads-up on some of newest kicks to come out this year one of them being the NIKE Air Huarache BBALL 2012. Its a funny name to a really dope shoe. Huarache pronounced “wah-rah-chay” is a mexican word that predates spanish colonization meaning leather woven sandal. Buts lets not get confused were not talking about flip-flops here, were talking about a truly innovative basketball shoe thats sure to keep you fresh on and off the court.


Air Huarache BBALL 2012
will be released February 1st in four different colorways starting at $115.
The hardest part will be deciding which one is right for you!



Colorway: White/Black-Volt-Wolf Grey
Product ID: 488054-100




Colorway: Black/Black-Varsity Royal
Product ID: 488054-004




Colorway: Black/Black-White
Product ID: 488054-001



varsity red/black

Colorway: Black/Black-Sport Red
Product ID: 488054-006


There you go chic-sters. Don’t snooze on these because like most the shoes featured here at the Society the exclusivity factor is crazy. Be sure to check out the NIKE store on the 1st of February to get your hands on them. Be safe out there and as always…

Dope is as dope does!


A Social Network of Our Own: The SneakerWare App!

January 20, 2012

Whats happening chic-sters!! Noche’s back with your fix for anything sneaker related. Have you ever had an idea and thought “man I should make/build this,” only to find out that somebody already beat you to it. This was my first reaction to The SneakerWare App available for FREE on iPhone app store.

app icon

The co-founder of Freshness magazine and the creator of the Sneakers application on Facebook have been busy cooking up the first largest mobile social network for sneaker aficionados.



Cost: FREE
Platform: iOS  (sorry my droid users)
Requirements: Basic pre-recs along with a few others
(user name, password, email, name, city and favorite sneaker)
Connectivity: Ability to share via Facebook and/or Twitter accounts


Full-featured Mobile Social Network: Create profiles, browse
fellow users’ inventory. Also connect with and make friends.



Mobile Inventory: Share your kicks with other users or show off the
pair you are currently wearing. This allows for comments and trading.



Location Services: Bookmark your favorites, find local sneaker boutiques,
complete with addresses and contact info or submit new shops you come across.


News Updates: Stay ahead of the
curb with fresh news updates on kicks.


There you have chic-sters check it out in your app store or here.
Till next time, Dope is as dope does…peace.



Giveaway Goodness Winner

December 31, 2011

Watch the video below to see who the lucky winner is of our Giveaway Goodness contest. Thank you to all the ladies who entered and be on the lookout for more contests and giveaways in 2012. Happy New Year on behalf of the Society Chic family to yours!


Thing of the Week: Five Kicks of Christmas

December 22, 2011

How’s it going my Chic-sters? We’re back at it again, with the thing of the week -Christmas edition. Santa’s elves have been busy wrapping up this season with some of the freshest kicks to come out this year and ya’ boy is here to give you the scoop on my top five. Now, most of these sneakers are super exclusive, so your best bet would be to go to your favorite/reliable sneaker boutique or check ‘em out online. Either way, some dedication is in order, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results!

First up, I’d like to start right off the bat with two releases that are sure to make anybody want to skip the naughty list.

The Nike Air Huarache Free 2012 QS & Air Basketball 2012 QS
These particular Huaraches are a take on their 90′s counterparts with the exception of the NIKE Free running shoe sole. Available in high and low-top with multiple color variants to follow.


Brand: Nike
Model: Nike Huarache Free 2012 QS
Color way: White/White-Blue Emerald-Resin
Product ID: 514594-100
Release Date: 12/16/11
MSRP: $100

Brand: Nike
Model: Nike Air Huarache Basketball 2012 QS
Color way: White/Black-Pure Purple-Soar
Product ID: 501529-100
Release Date: 12/16/11
MSRP: $110



The Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”
Next I would like to introduce a landmark in sneaker history, the Jordan 14 basketball shoe. Nicknamed the “Last Shot” in remembrance to Jordan’s final days as a Bull during the 98 finals. A definitely cop for any basketball fan.

Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 3.26.49 AM

Brand: Jordan Brand
Model: Air Jordan 14
Color way: Black/Black-Varsity Red
Product Id: 311832-010
Release Date: 12/17/11
MSRP: $160


The Adidas AdiZero Rose 2 “Windy City”
Keeping on that Chicago Bull-ish, we have Derrick Roses’ newest addition to his already spectacular Adizero Rose Series, The Rose 2 “Windy City.”

Brand: adidas
Model: adiZero Rose 2 “Windy City”
Color way: Red/Black
Release Date: 12/20/11
Product ID: G47565
MSRP: $110


The Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
Man-OH-man am I excited about this one, and with good reason! The concord 11 will go down as one of the illest shoes this year if not the best. When people ask “why on earth would you spend this much on sneakers?” just flash them a pair of these babies and watch those doubts fly right out the window. Please don’t snooze on these, chic-sters! These drop friday morning and I’m guaranteeing they’ll go fast!378037-107_a-620x349

Brand: Jordan Brand
Model: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
Color way: White/Black-Dark Concord
Product ID: 378037-107
Release: 12/23/2011
MSRP: $180

Can We See Some iD, Please?

December 3, 2011

Has there ever been a pair of sneakers that you wish you could have twice, but the gods didnt bless you with a second pair? Or, perhaps there was a release that, despite all your attempts, you just could not get. Well, worry not my friends, because there is a way you can get those lost loves back, or  recreating a pair just like it.. I give you NIKEID.

Since its inception in ’99, NIKEID has been giving sneakerheads the ability to design, personalize, and create a variety of sneaker combinations from the NIKE catalog. With a wide range of colorways and materials to choose from, the possibilities are limitless.

Today at the Society, we are doing just that. I purchased a pair of Nike Dunk SBs (back in 2008) and completely fell in love with them. But like many good things, their time must pass. I always thought to myself “why didn’t I buy a second pair?”  Today, I will mourn no longer and will attempt to Frankenstein me another pair via the NIKEID website (or at least something similar)!

To give you an idea what of what we will be working with here are my ’08 SBs. As you can see the years have not been kind.


Blank Canvas: When first entering the site you will see a few different templates to choose from right off the bat. We are going to ignore all of this and select the Dunk option from the mens drop down tab. From here we start with a blank canvas of the NIKE Dunk Low template.


Step 1 – Toe/Tongue: This section of the shoe has 8 different materials to choose from. Including suede, full-grain/boot leather to canvas. Each with their own variety of colors. For this particular design we are going with the suede option in Vegas Gold.


Step 2 – Tip/Eyestay: This section features all the same materials and colors as the Toe. We are going to select the suede option again, this time in Pecan Brown.



Step 3 – Collar/Side Panel: Suede again, but in Obsidian Blue. 


Step 4 – SWOOSH!: Now this is what makes the Dunk stand out. For the swoosh only 3 of the materials are available, but to be consistant with the design we are going with suede in Vegas Gold again. (When we are done I will change the swoosh to a few other colors to show how much this accents the shoe)


Step 5 – Lace: Now like most NIKE Dunk products these come with 2 sets of laces. Available in the same colors as most the shoe materials. For this I’m going with Obsidian Blue. 


Step 6 – Lining: In this section, 2 different materials are available mesh and wool, although wool is only available in grey and black. So because of this lets go with mesh in Obsidian Blue. 


Woo! Any body need a Gatorade yet? Hang in there guys. We are more than half way there and the shoe is coming together quite nicely.

Step 7 – Sidewall: To really make this thing stand out I’m going with an all white sidewall.


Step 8 – Outsole: Man, this thing is looking good now to add a lil sole. I’m thinking Obsidian Blue again.


Last Step – ID: Now that you’ve Frankenstien’d an ill shoe similar to what you had. Why not top it off with a lil personalization? Gotta mark the beast rite?



Well thanks for hanging in their my friends. It was a long post, but now you can see all the great features that NIKEID has to offer. This particular design will run about $110. It’s a little bit pricey, but the exclusivity factor overshadows that.


Have fun experimenting and send me any of your creations at to be featured in an upcoming “thing of the week.” Stay tuned for future designs, courtesy of yours truly, and remember Dope is as dope does..


Thing of the week:

November 24, 2011

What up, doe! Happy turkey day!! Noch, here with the first post of the holiday season. And nothing says the holidays like some turkey, pumpkin pie, and waiting in line at 4 in the morning for those crazy discounts. But if you’re like me, you hate to wait in line, especially in the am. But are discounts only for insomniacs? Are we supposed to conform to the time restraints of the cooperate retailers? Nay, I say, NAY! The important thing to remember about Society Chic is that we’re not only about the fashion, we are also about the bargains. Bargains that are available year-round, not just black friday. Enter:

As if the name doesn’t say it all, is the best bang for your six bucks. Their selection of t-shirts are pretty extensive. With categories ranging from the extremely nerdy to the crazed sports fanatic.

T-shirt rundown:
Sizes ranging from S to 3X (Addtional charge for +sizes). Cotton high-quality silk screen t-shirts. Available in multiple colors. Ships within 2-business days. Designed and printed in the USA

Bonus: If you’re really looking for a bulk bargain, look out for their 10 for $50 deal (that’s sure to satisfy all your graphic tee needs).

If that isn’t enough to get your holiday juices flowing, they also have a bunch of different novelty items, like eco-friendly tote bags to vintage sunglasses and much more.

So check it out! I assure you won’t go wrong. If not -hey,  its only six bucks…

Hello, World!

November 18, 2011
Meet the crew

Welcome to Society Chic! Here you will find a jack-of-all-trades kind of blog. 4 completely opposite individuals whose world’s collide into something so profound. The brave, fearless, and off-the-wall writers of Society Chic are Melissa San Vicente, Marti Martin, Jessie “Noche” San Vicente, and Adrian “Waffy” Gee. While you’ll find just about everything on our site, from fashion to home decor, runway to urban trends, app and beauty reviews, you’ll find that Society Chic is the “sweet n’ sour” your life has been missing all along. Click your way through the page and find our About Us page to get to know us on an individual level! Send emails, ask questions, give us reviews and feedback of your own! We want to hear all the things that we haven’t. We thank you all for your unconditional love and support. We hope that you’ll sit down, buckle up, and enjoy this ride as we journey through this world as a team.. a Society. Cheers!

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