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Fall Fashion

Metallic Madness

July 17, 2012

I’ve been seeing a ton of Metallic lately. A part of me is so excited to get back into winter gear.. I’m predicting metallics, navy blues/maroons/deep nudes/contrast, and a little sparkle. So, so, so excited. Here are a few goodies to feast your eyes on until then. ox – M

Gilty Pleasure: Marc by Marc Jacobs

November 29, 2011

Ello ello all fashion tweekers! This is the first post that I will dedicate to the phenomenally frugal website that is

Just to summarize, Gilt is a website dedicated to getting the likes of us broke folk the most amazing deals such as 60% off of designer retail prices but, of course as we all know the devil wears Prada and must be behind this. While you may not have to sell your soul (although I would) there is a catch. The thing is that most sales start at noon and quickly sell out so you have to be quick about your shopping. No lolly gagging is allowed around here.

Also sales don’t last long. They will only be open a few days so again, no lolly gagging just grab what you can and go! This website is designed specifically for the fashion junkies out there that need to get their fix fast, cheap, and thrilling!

OH!!! And you also have to be a member of the site but it’s super easy to join once you go onto the website. By becoming a member you also get to preview the upcoming sales during the week and be sure to download the mobile app for your phone so you can shop on the go!

Ok, so enough of the bargain BS and let’s get to what we came here for. Today’s sale comes to us via Marc by Marc Jacobs. While at the time that this is posted a lot may be sold out please cut me some slack I literally just came up with this idea about fifteen minutes ago.

Wool Striped Hats: $19 (originally $38)


Wool Striped Fingerless Gloves: $15 (originally $28)

Stick Fit Jeans: $79 (originally $198, $220)

Cotton Uniform Jeans: $49 (originally $188)

Leather Biker Jacket: $399 (originally $898)


Wool Cashmere Blazer: $199 (originally $498)

 That is all.

Thing of the Week: Obnoxious Sweaters

November 18, 2011

Ok , so while I rummaged through my mind to find inspiration for this I got sidetracked by a familiar tune playing in the background. I looked over to my television and I noticed that Gullah Gullah Island was on TV, and while I watched I stopped thinking about what I was supposed to do and as I tend to do whilst watching shows from the 90s I judged the fashion as if I was Nina Garcia on Project Runway (to be fair I usually like to pretend I’m Heidi Klum most of the time but on this night I was Nina Garcia, roll with it and stay with me.)  Anywho, I noticed that I finally figured out where my love for obnoxious prints stems from and then I got the brilliant idea to inform everyone of a trend I live for.

YES! GLORIOUS, OBNOXIOUS, BILL COSBY LIKE, NORDIC TIME SWEATERS!!! Now I know that you’re probably thinking that it’s a hideous style and you’re scared that Mr. Huxtable will stalk you and shank you just to get his hands on your new found trend, but trust me with the right style you too can join me in the land of awesomely obnoxious sweatertopia!

Here are two examples of very tamed versions of the sweaters I live for. I tend to be a bit more outrageous with my sweater choices but most of you will appreciate these more polished versions. Also, just a tad of advice I tend to wear my obnoxious sweaters a bit over sized depending on the fit and while these two particular sweaters may be a bit pricey, you can always rummage through your local thrift shops to find even greater and obnoxious-er sweaters at lesser prices.

Sweater 1) by Gant ($145.00)             Sweater 2) by American Apparel ($79.00)

Sweater Session

October 31, 2011

This fall, I’ve had my eye on the “Grandma” sweater trend. The stitching, the patterns, the sequins.. I feel as though, at any moment, my inner Bill Cosby is going to just come bursting through the doors! Let’s face it, while we all love our PINK hoodies (dare we give them up) you need something more appropriate for a chilly date or the workplace! I’ve found a few great (and affordable) sweaters that you MUST add to your wardrobe this season. Depending on the weather, pair one with a white button down (collar out), skirt & tights or go for an edgy look with some foil jeans (in order to not overdue the look, I’ll cover that in another post). Either way, pay tribute to the  Huxtable’s. They deserve it! And PLEASE, don’t forget to add the color! – Mel


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