Can We See Some iD, Please?

Has there ever been a pair of sneakers that you wish you could have twice, but the gods didnt bless you with a second pair? Or, perhaps there was a release that, despite all your attempts, you just could not get. Well, worry not my friends, because there is a way you can get those lost loves back, or  recreating a pair just like it.. I give you NIKEID.

Since its inception in ’99, NIKEID has been giving sneakerheads the ability to design, personalize, and create a variety of sneaker combinations from the NIKE catalog. With a wide range of colorways and materials to choose from, the possibilities are limitless.

Today at the Society, we are doing just that. I purchased a pair of Nike Dunk SBs (back in 2008) and completely fell in love with them. But like many good things, their time must pass. I always thought to myself “why didn’t I buy a second pair?”  Today, I will mourn no longer and will attempt to Frankenstein me another pair via the NIKEID website (or at least something similar)!

To give you an idea what of what we will be working with here are my ’08 SBs. As you can see the years have not been kind.


Blank Canvas: When first entering the site you will see a few different templates to choose from right off the bat. We are going to ignore all of this and select the Dunk option from the mens drop down tab. From here we start with a blank canvas of the NIKE Dunk Low template.


Step 1 – Toe/Tongue: This section of the shoe has 8 different materials to choose from. Including suede, full-grain/boot leather to canvas. Each with their own variety of colors. For this particular design we are going with the suede option in Vegas Gold.


Step 2 – Tip/Eyestay: This section features all the same materials and colors as the Toe. We are going to select the suede option again, this time in Pecan Brown.



Step 3 – Collar/Side Panel: Suede again, but in Obsidian Blue. 


Step 4 – SWOOSH!: Now this is what makes the Dunk stand out. For the swoosh only 3 of the materials are available, but to be consistant with the design we are going with suede in Vegas Gold again. (When we are done I will change the swoosh to a few other colors to show how much this accents the shoe)


Step 5 – Lace: Now like most NIKE Dunk products these come with 2 sets of laces. Available in the same colors as most the shoe materials. For this I’m going with Obsidian Blue. 


Step 6 – Lining: In this section, 2 different materials are available mesh and wool, although wool is only available in grey and black. So because of this lets go with mesh in Obsidian Blue. 


Woo! Any body need a Gatorade yet? Hang in there guys. We are more than half way there and the shoe is coming together quite nicely.

Step 7 – Sidewall: To really make this thing stand out I’m going with an all white sidewall.


Step 8 – Outsole: Man, this thing is looking good now to add a lil sole. I’m thinking Obsidian Blue again.


Last Step – ID: Now that you’ve Frankenstien’d an ill shoe similar to what you had. Why not top it off with a lil personalization? Gotta mark the beast rite?



Well thanks for hanging in their my friends. It was a long post, but now you can see all the great features that NIKEID has to offer. This particular design will run about $110. It’s a little bit pricey, but the exclusivity factor overshadows that.


Have fun experimenting and send me any of your creations at to be featured in an upcoming “thing of the week.” Stay tuned for future designs, courtesy of yours truly, and remember Dope is as dope does..


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